Are you covered under the CA and have questions or concerns?

The GSA Vice-President Labour meets individually with Academically-Employed Graduate Students (AEGSs) to ensure their rights under the CA are respected. The GSA believes that all AEGSs are entitled to the best possible work environment and encourages graduate students to reach out to us if you feel the terms of your contract or the CA have not been adhered to. All discussions are confidential - we are here to help!

You can e-mail the GSA Vice-President Labour ( with a copy to the GSA Associate Director (


Alternatively, AEGSs may also seek assistance from Faculty Stewards:

Faculty of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences - Kyle Van Camp -

Faculty of Arts - Kenna McDowell -

Faculty of Engineering - Md Habibur Rahaman - 

Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport and Recreation - Matt Ormandy -

Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry - Kevin Joannou -

Faculty of Native Studies - Molly Swain -

Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences - Mohammed Abdelwahed ElKhatib -

Faculty of Science - Brette Harris -


Names and contact information of Faculty Stewards will be listed as they are appointed. Information regarding stewards can be found in GSA Bylaw and Policy, Section Q.



For problems outside the CA, the GSA has advocated for a full-time Graduate Student Ombudsperson (, tel: 780-492-4689). You can also contact FGSR.

For additional information about the Student Ombudservice you can visit their website.

Joint Work Site Health and Safety Committee

Do you have a health and safety question or concern in regards to your work site? The Vice-President Labour is a member of the Joint Work Site Health and Safety Committee and they are here to listen.

For additional information about the Joint Work Site Health and Safety Committee, and to contact them, please visit their website.