Office of the Student Ombuds

Impartial, Accessible, Independent, Confidential

The Office of the Student Ombuds is a confidential service that strives to ensure that university processes related to students operate as fairly as possible. We offer information, advice, and support to students, faculty, and staff as they deal with academic, discipline, interpersonal, and financial issues related to student programs.

Service Notices:

Remote Support: Advising appointments are offered via phone or distance technology. To arrange remote support, call 780-492-4689 (please include your email address if leaving a voicemail) or email

The Office of the Student Ombuds fully supports and recognizes the National Day of Truth and Reconciliation being observed on September 30th. On this day of reflection and mourning, the Office of the Student Ombuds reaffirms its commitment to identifying and challenging the systemic barriers within the University of Alberta which disproportionately harm and disadvantage Indigenous students. We also understand our responsibility to truth and reconciliation is ongoing and cannot be limited to one day of the year. Through critical reflection on the University of Alberta’s ongoing legacy of colonization, and continuous work as allies, we will promote the actualization of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC) Calls to Action for equity in higher education. 

Message to Students

The Office of the Student Ombuds understands that students of colour experience anti-Black racism and other forms of systemic racism and discrimination in differing ways in our institution. As an ombuds team, we are committed to bringing to light all forms of discrimination that students experience and holding the university accountable in addressing these inequities. We work collaboratively with all university units in providing educational awareness and consciousness-building with respect to issues of privilege and marginalization in society.

We act to support students who face racism and discrimination by working with and strengthening them in:

  • Knowing their rights;
  • Ensuring their rights are upheld;
  • Ensuring that their voices are heard;
  • Making them aware of the available options to curtail discriminatory treatment and deal with systemic issues;
  • Connecting them with support resources to recover from the effects of racism and discrimination.

We further acknowledge that racism and discrimination are experienced by other marginalized groups and will act to similarly support these students.

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