The Office of the Student Ombuds works with the university community to ensure that university processes related to students operate as fairly as possible. As such, our services focus on advising, mediation, professional development, and community education.


There are many types of issues we advise on, including:

  • grade appeals
  • student and applicant discipline
  • academic standing (e.g. required to withdraw, probation, appeals, etc.)
  • student-supervisor conflicts
  • breakdowns in graduate programs
  • conflicts between students and/or professors
  • intellectual property issues
  • professional practice concerns, and
  • residence disputes.


Mediation is a process where parties meet with an impartial third party who helps to facilitate discussion about the issues in conflict, in order for the parties to find a resolution

We offer:

  • co-mediation (two mediators) so that parties can meet individually to prepare for the mediation. As an impartial and independent service, we have no bias toward either party and is focused on facilitating a collegial discussion.
  • a safe space for parties to meet and agree to basic ground rules (e.g., speaking in a respectful tone, no name calling, speaking one at a time). The mediator focuses on maintaining a healthy, emotional climate.

Community Education

Conflict resolution is a complex process as it involves issues of body language, cultural backgrounds and understandings. styles of conflict, etc.

We offer introductory workings on resolving conflicts for groups of 6-10 participants. To arrange a workshop, please contact us.

Professional Development

We promote professional development to university communities across the province through the annual Student Advisors Conference.