Emergency Information and Procedures

Emergency Contacts

Fire, Police, Ambulance, or Hazardous Spills

CALL 911, then call U of A Protective Services at 780-492-5050 (24hrs).

In the Field or International Locations

Call local emergency services, then call U of A Protective Services at 780-492-5050 (24hrs).

Urgent Maintenance Needs

Campuses: Call Campus Control Centre at 780-492-4833 (24hrs)

Residences: Call the RA on Shift during regular hours or 780-492-4833 after hours

Non-Emergency Reporting

Theft and Safety concerns

Call 780‑492‑5050 for U of A Protective Services (24hrs).

For Workplace Health and Safety or Environmental Concerns

Visit the Health, Safety and Environment website.

General Maintenance Needs

Campuses: Submit a Maintenance Request

Residences: Submit through your Residence Account

Did you know?

Active shooter events are extremely rare in Canada, but they have occurred. The U of A has an active shooter emergency procedure that tells you what to do should such an event take place on campus.

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