Students Who Parent

Graduate students who parent represent a prominent portion of the graduate student population at the University of Alberta. While advocating for this population is a current priority of the advocacy work of the GSA graduate student leaders, the following resources are currently available to graduate students who parent. 


GSA Resources


GSA Child Care Grant

An income-based program, the GSA Child Care Grant (CCG) is intended to help offset the financial demand on graduate students who parent.

GSA Feeding and Care Space

Subject to University campus and facilities use restrictions, the GSA has designated a private lounge space in Triffo Hall for those needing a space to care for/feed infants and children. The space has soft seating, a draw-down window covering for privacy, and locks from the inside. Those wishing to utilize this private space are asked to notify the GSA front desk staff so they can ensure you are not disturbed. The restrooms in Triffo Hall are also outfitted with change tables. Additionally, those needing to care for/feed an infant or child are also welcome to utilize any of the GSA's public lounge spaces in Triffo Hall.

Kids & Company Child care

The GSA has partnered with the Students’ Union for a membership with Kids & Company to facilitate limited child care services for students who parent. Learn more by contacting Kids & Company at 1-866-695-4326.

In addition, access the Kids & Company Family Resource Centre for healthy recipes and  helpful on-demand webinars.

Graduate Student Assistance Program

The Graduate Student Assistance Program (GSAP), which is available to all graduate students and offers a wide range of services and resources, also offers a number of resources tailored to parents/guardians. 


A number of resources are also made available by the University of Alberta.


University Resources

Bringing Family to Canada 

International Student Services offers support and resources for international students whose family will be joining them in Canada during their studies, or whose family/friends intend to visit them during their studies. Learn More

University-Affiliated Child Care Centres

UAlberta is affiliated with six non-profit day care centres. These quality child care facilities are accredited by Accreditation of Early Learning and Care Services (AELCS) and are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of parents and community members.

Note that these centres are not explicitly vetted or endorsed by the GSA and the GSA itself is not affiliated with them. Learn More

Wellness Support Team

The University Wellness Support Team provides a range of services for students from all walks of life, including curating a list of Campus and Community Resources which includes a "Child and Family" section.


A number of resources are also made available by the governments of Alberta and Edmonton, respectively. 


Government resources


Government of Alberta

Provincial Family Resource Networks

The Government of Alberta's Provincial Family Resource Networks (FRNs) deliver high quality prevention and early intervention services and supports for children aged 0 to 18.

These Networks provide a range of services and supports that focus on strengthening parenting and caregiving knowledge, social support, coping and problem-solving skills, access to community supports and resources, improving child and youth development, building resiliency and fostering well-being. Learn More

Finding and Choosing Child Care

This Government of Alberta webpage helps parents understand child care in Alberta, as well as how to find and choose the child care solution that works best for them. While this page has a lot of information, make sure to include their Choosing Child Care Guide (PDF) in your reading. Learn More



 City of Edmonton 

Edmonton Public Library (EPL)

The Edmonton Public Library is an excellent resource for Edmontonians of all ages. Not only are library cards free, but Edmontonians also have access to tonnes of events and programming free of charge. There are local branches located all across Edmonton. Learn More

Hint: We recommend starting by checking out their Newcomers webpage or their list of upcoming events.  

Edmonton Recreation Centres

The City of Edmonton operates a number of Recreation Centres, each of which offers a variety of drop-in, registered, parented, and non-parented programs and services. Learn More