Supporting Documentation Requirements

Supporting documentation is required for all expenses charged back to the University. This includes travel, general expenses and PER reimbursement. In most cases the original itemized  receipt from the vendor is adequate supporting documentation. In some circumstances an increased level of detail is required to confirm the University share of the expenses to determine the eligibility of the reimbursement. When submitting these claims do not include the names or details of family members or other individual's on your claim. Those details are not relevant to process the claim. We ask that you redact (black out) that information or do not include it in your submission. Examples where we require additional information included are:

  • Family share cell phone plans. The University is responsible for activities related to the employee (claimant) only. Additional expenses beyond the phone line cost include data, roaming and long distance charges. To reconcile these expenses, central compliance requires a copy of the entire billing statement to determine which expense relates to which line charge. Central Compliance does not require details relating to incoming/outgoing calls, phone numbers or names of individuals other than the claimant. Expense lines for the entire bill are required to reconcile the expenses and to confirm the financial responsibility of the University.

  • Accommodations (Hotel, AirBnB and VRBO). The University is responsible for a standard single occupancy rate. Upgrades (e.g. suites, multiple room facilities) are available to accommodate personal preference or family. The cost of these upgrades are the financial responsibility of the claimant. When upgrades occur Central Compliance requires a copy of the entire hotel invoice with all line item details. The claimant must outline in the claim that an upgrade has occurred and expense the standard single occupancy rate to the University only. Names of family members are not required, identify the relationship only.

  • Vehicle Rentals. The University is responsible for compact vehicle rental only. Upgrades to mid-size, full-size and/or SUV rentals are available depending on justifiable need and the prudent expenditure of UofA funds. Upgrades are available in the following circumstances; extended highway driving, availability, winter driving conditions and size of party. Rental of a compact vehicle in all circumstances is fully reimbursable and upgrades beyond a compact vehicle can be considered if a justifiable need can be demonstrated. Upgrades can occur if you are traveling with family however the cost difference must be demonstrated; supported in writing and paid for by the claimant. Supporting documentation outlining who the claimant is traveling with is required. In the case of family, names are not required. In the case of co-workers and business associates, the name and title of the individual is required.