Invoices (Direct Pay)

There are specific circumstances where it is neither practical nor warranted to issue a purchase order to a supplier, either due to the nature of the transaction, or due to the supplier being a public or government entity.

In all cases, the use of the PCard must be first considered.

If the supplier does not accept credit card or the initiating employee or department does not have a PCard, request an invoice from the supplier or external entity.

The department is responsible to indicate "Direct Pay" on the invoice and to authorize the invoice by affixing the applicable speed code and account and the associated budget owner's printed name and original signature.

The authorized invoice must then be submitted to the Staff Service Centre.

Below is a list of transaction categories and suppliers that are eligible for Direct Pay Invoice. Invoices for transactions or suppliers not listed will not be paid without reference to purchase order on the invoice.

Eligible Transactions Categories Eligible Suppliers
Catering & Hospitality (excluding facility/event contracts or hotel agreements) Alberta Health Services
Courier, freight, or postage City of Edmonton & other municipalities
Grants to other organizations Covenant Health
Institutional memberships Government of Alberta
Insurance premiums, fees or claims Other public sector entities/organizations
Journals, pages charges, reprints, open access Receiver General for Canada
Paper shredding or document destruction services Student Associations of Societies
Permit or licence application fees Students' Union (UofA)
Registrations for conferences, workshops, seminars The Faculty Club (hospitality and departmental memberships only)
Secondment Agreement and Internship Payments Universities/College, Schools
Shared Project costs
Subscriptions (excluding software)
Transportation (charter bus, taxi)
Utilities (phone, power, gas, electricity)
Water (water bottle/coolers)