Procurement & Contract Management (PCM) is responsible for ensuring the best value for the institution within all aspects of procurement. Foundational Procurement is the core of how we buy at the U of A and is applied to all procurement processes. Based on industry best practices, and through engagement with the university community, Foundational Procurement has six objectives:

  1. Ensuring adherence to university policies, processes and procedures (How to Buy?)
  2. Elimination of exception processing across the institution
  3. Mandating the use of Preferred Supplier Agreements (PSA)
  4. Establish the multiple quote process for purchases between $20K - $75K
  5. Enhance communication channels including website redesign, guided buying, training material and training sessions
  6. Communicate and enforce the requirements that relate to the establishment of Service Contract

While SupplyNet is the preferred option for purchasing of goods and services, there are a number of different ways to purchase goods and services at the U of A. 

PCM recommends that employees who anticipate to place 5+ SupplyNet Orders annually from Preferred and/or other Suppliers should have SupplyNet Access and employees who regularly purchase low dollar goods or services that are not available from Preferred Suppliers and that do not require a SupplyNet PO should have a corporate purchasing card (PCard).

Procurement covers all aspects of purchasing: requisitions, purchase orders, Request for Proposal (RFP), contracts, corporate purchasing card, and expense reimbursement.

PCM is the signing authority for all purchase agreements, including license agreements for the use of software and online services, and will lead any required contract reviews in accordance with the Contract Review and Signing Authority Policy.

These pages have been developed to provide guidance to all persons involved in purchasing at the U of A, as of April 1, 2022, the use of Preferred Suppliers is mandatory, as well as the multiple quote process for purchases between $20K - $75K. Expense reimbursement (use of personal credit cards) for non-eligible items such as the purchase of office suppliers, will be denied. 

Please refer to the February 3, 2022 Quad Article Purchasing goods and services at the U of A for more information.

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