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Procurement & Contract Management, a unit in Supply Management Services (SMS), is responsible for coordinating the procurement of goods and services and administering agreements for all University faculties, departments and business units and for all research initiatives.

Procurement & Contract Management ensures that procurement activity is conducted in a fair, transparent and non-discriminatory process to provide the greatest benefit and best overall value to the University. It also ensures compliance with University policy, legislation, competitive bidding laws and trade agreements.

1. Policy and Scope
The governing policy for procurement and contract management is the Supply of Goods and Services Policy, which governs the acquisition of goods and services with University funds from all sources (operating, research, capital, ancillary and any other funds held institutionally).
In the case of research and donor funds, all purchases must be made in strict compliance with sponsor/donor terms and conditions.

For further information:

See: Supply of Goods and Services Policy

2. Purchasing and Supplier Sources
For purchases below $75,000 for goods and services and $200,000 for construction, faculties, departments and business units can select a source of supply or supplier. However, the appropriate method of procurement must be used and compliance with the applicable policies and procedures ensured. Specific details and limitations are outlined in the "Purchasing Methods and Dollar Limits" section of this website.

Procedures for purchases above these dollar limits are subject to competitive bid and trade agreements. Failure to comply could result in penalties to the University.

For further information on all purchasing options:

See: Purchasing Methods and Dollar Limits

3. Cost-Effective Purchasing
Cost-effective purchasing takes into consideration the best use of administrative resources when determining the appropriate methods to carry out this activity.

Procurement and Contract Management has established agreements with suppliers to provide benefits, derived from the University's full purchasing power, to all business units. Units are encouraged to use Preferred Suppliers where appropriate.

To purchase goods and services, use SupplyNet (the University's fully capable electronic web application for purchasing and paying for goods and services).

For lower dollar purchases (under $5,000) or where SupplyNet is not an option, use the Corporate Purchasing Card (PCard).

For further information:

See: Preferred Supplier Contract Listing
Corporate Purchasing Card