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Travel Management

Travel Management offers programs to help facilitate your University of Alberta business travel experience. We work with travel suppliers to negotiate discounted rates for air, hotel and vehicle rental. Working with the university's dedicated travel agent and using programs such as the TAP and HAP makes for a more streamlined and economical travel event. Travel Management also offers system and procedural support for Travel and Expense claims and Travel Advances.

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Travel Policy and Insurance

The university's policy regarding off-campus activity & travel was designed to support travel that is safe, productive and enjoyable. University policy says that you, your department and the University of Alberta share the responsibility for managing any risks associated with your off-campus activity.

Off-Campus Activity & Travel Information


Travel on the LRT

Employees are able to ride the LRT between our campuses for business purposes. Learn more about eligibility and how it works. 

Using the LRT for Business Travel

Travel and Non-Travel Expense Claims

View how you should be incurring and submitting travel expense claims and non-travel expense claims.