Loss Prevention

Every year, Insurance & Risk Assessment works together with Facilities & Operations, Environment, Health & Safety and the University of Alberta's insurer complete an inspection of randomly-selected campus spaces to identify physical hazards that could result in injury to people or loss of property, including potential loss of valued research. This process is called Loss Prevention and it assists the University in identifying and assessing exposures that could adversely impact the safety of our students, staff, and visitors.

The 2019 Loss Preventions inspections took place from April 29-May 3. We want to recognize outstanding examples of safe work spaces this year. Below is the list of the gold-star spaces we saw, where space users were taking significant, positive steps to keep our campuses safe.

2019 Gold Stars

  • Agriculture Forestry 3-36 and 3-36B Lab (Dr. Urmila Basu, Lab and Genomics Unit Manager; Dr. Guanqun (Gavin) Chen, Assistant Professor & Canada Research Chair; Dr. Jocelyn Ozga, Professor and Director of Plant Biosystems)
  • Alberta Post-Secondary Application System, Enterprise Square (Susan Stein, Executive Director)
  • Alberta Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry Facility, Katz Group Centre for Pharmacy and Health Research (Jack Moore, Facility Manager)
  • Augustana Faith & Life Centre (Chris Blades, Facilities & Operations Manager)
  • Augustana Science Extension, Biology and Chemistry Labs (Marian Forre, Biology Technician; Dawn Lawson, Biology Technician; David King, Lab Technician)
  • Bibliothèque Saint-Jean (Debbie Feisst, Acting Head; Darryl Hopkins, Facilities; Sandra Shores, Senior IT and Facilities Officer)
  • Biological Sciences M 441 Lab (Dr. Brian Lanoil, Associate Professor)
  • Biological Sciences M 528 and M 532 (Dr. Rebecca Case, Associate Professor; Dr. Lisa Stein, Professor)
  • Cameron Library 5-25 (Denise Koufogiannakis, Associate University Librarian)
  • Campus Saint-Jean Soccer Fields (Martin Fenger-Andersen, Coach, Athletics)
  • Campus Saint-Jean, Pavillon McMahon (Christian Tremblay, Executive Service Head)
  • Dewey's (Craig Turner, Director of Business Operations; Monique Vulic, Bar Manager)
  • Enterprise Square (Erin White, General Manager at Bentall-Kennedy)
  • Extraordinary Absorbents, Enterprise Square (Daniel Kuznicki, Lab Manager)
  • Fantasia Caffé, Enterprise Square (Assunta Marozzi, Owner)
  • High Pressure/Temp Petro Lab, Natural Resources Engineering Facility (Keivan Khaleghi, Lead Research Tech Safety Coordinator; Hope Walls, Research Admin Assistant; Gilbert Wong, Research Technician)
  • Lipidomics Core Facility, Katz Group Centre for Pharmacy and Health Research (Audric Moses, Operations Manager)
  • Painting Studio & Wood Shop, HUB Mall (Scott Cumberland, Technician)
  • Printmaking Studio, Fine Arts Building (Steven Dixon & Marc Siegner, Technicians; Marilene Oliver, Space Coordinator)
  • Sculpture Studio, Fine Arts Building (Stephanie Jonsson, Technician)
  • South Academic Building 453 (Alsu Kuznetsova, Research Associate)
  • South Academic Building 540 Lab (Dr. Aman Ullah, Associate Professor)
  • South Academic Building 554 Lab (Ereddad Kharraz, Technician)

Contact us at ERM10@ualberta.ca if you have questions about the inspections process.

Below are the top 5 avoidable housekeeping hazards identified at the University of Alberta in 2018. Keep your work space safe by identifying and addressing these common hazards - click the links to learn more about each.

Hidden Hazards

  1. Use of extension cords/power bars for permanent equipment - plug these items directly into a wall outlet
  2. Unrestrained gas cylinders - safety regulations require them to be stored and restrained in an upright position
  3. Wedged-open fire doors - make your space a wedge-free zone
  4. Obstructed emergency exits, fire extinguishers, and electrical panels - keep them accessible in case of emergency
  5. Obstructed emergency showers or eye wash stations - these are life-saving devices, not storage areas