Preferred Suppliers

Preferred Suppliers have been awarded a contract through a competitive bid process for use by all departments, faculties and units at the University of Alberta. Preferred Suppliers should always be the first choice for purchasing goods and services.

Benefits of using Preferred Suppliers

  • Competitive pricing and discounts,
  • Punchout catalogs in SupplyNet for many vendors,
  • Multiple quotes are not required,
  • Supplier knowledge relating to the university’s Procurement Policy & Procedure and additional supplier specific benefits,
  • Order and payment process efficiencies, and hassle-free returns and refunds.

Click on the respective commodity below for further information on:

  • Description of products and services offered
  • Ordering method for each supplier
  • Key benefits by supplier
  • Supplier contact information in case of returns, order status and cancellations, delivery information, warranty information and other order related inquiries