Multiple Quote Process ($20K-$75K)

Effective April 1, 2022, a minimum of two supplier quotations are required for purchases of goods and services between $20,000 and 75,000, unless the purchase is made from Preferred Suppliers or when a purchase relates to an existing contract renewal or extension.  

For purchases of goods and services over $5,000 and under $20,000, it is recommended to obtain more than one quote.

Below are the instructions on how to obtain supplier quotations, ensuring a fair and transparent procurement process. 

  1. Determine the Total Procurement Value
    Include annual maintenance fees, warranties and/or goods and/or services that may be required over a period of time. A Quote checklist is available to assist with developing a comprehensive quote request.

  2. Download the University Quote Template

  3. Complete the:
    1. Timetable: Issued on and Respond by Dates
    2. University of Alberta Requesting Department
    3. Supplier information
    4. Product / Service Requirement Details

  4. Email an identical copy to each supplier noting the “Respond by” date in the email.

  5. After the Respond by Date has passed, review all received quotations.
    1. Ensure Supplier Acknowledgement is completed and signed.
    2. Determine whether to accept one of the quotations and place an order.
      Note:  There is no obligation to make a purchase resulting from any quotation solicitation.

  6. If making a purchase, create a SupplyNet Requisition for the selected Supplier and:
    1. Attach all received Supplier Quotations and any supporting documents, including any “no quotation” responses each as a separate file.
    2. Use the “Justification” field to explain your decision. Note:  This is mandatory when the selected Supplier is not the lowest priced quote.
    3. Select the “Competitive Procurement” value “Multiple Quotes attached”. Other values for selection include:
      Competitive Bid (75k and above)
      N/A - (Preferred Supplier / Contract Renewal)
      Policy Exception Form attached*
    4. Submit the Requisition. The Requisition will first route to the Budget Owner and will then route to Procurement and Contract Management for review and approval.

Note that some scenarios exist where multiple quotes can not be obtained. Examples include where the supplier is a monopoly or where multiple suppliers were contacted but only one quote was received. When multiple quotes are not received, the Sole and Single Source Exception Form must be completed and attached. In addition, add a brief explanation in the justification field.