Corporate Purchasing Card

The Corporate Purchasing Card (PCard) provides a convenient, cost-effective and efficient method of procuring and paying for lower dollar (under $5,000) goods and services by: simplifying the procurement process, improving order cycle time, reducing paperwork, expediting supplier payments and empowering and enabling employees.

University units may use the PCard for the purchase and payment of goods and services where it is efficient, economical and operationally feasible to do so, in accordance with the requirements specified in the Corporate Purchasing Card Procedure.

Purchasing Card Reconciliation
Over the past year, the paper-based PCard reconciliation process has been redesigned to be a fully electronic process in PeopleSoft. Training materials have been developed to support users.

Visit How to Reconcile Your Credit Card Statement or our FAQs to get started. For a visual walkthrough of the reconciliation process, see Demo - PCard Reconciliation.