Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still need to print my Bank of Montreal statement?
The BMO statement is no longer required as you will see all transactions through the My Wallet page in PeopleSoft.
How do I add travel related expenses on my current card?
If you are a current card holder you will be required to complete the Current Card Holder Update form requesting the addition of either UAB4 or BCN transaction types (General Purchasing, Catering, Hospitality, Car Rental and Hotels)
What is my Procurement Card billing address?
Your Procurement card billing address is: 
77 University Campus
Edmonton, Alberta
T6G 2R3
Will I still have access to the BMO website?
If you had previous access to the BMO website, then that will not be removed; however, your access to reconcile or make changes to coding will no longer be available.
Can I still do an Accounts Payable Journal Voucher (APJV) if I coded a charge incorrectly?
No. The charges do not get posted as vouchers in AP. A correction will have to be requested by submitting a Credit Card Journal Entry Request form to Shared Services, Compliance Services. Note: Credit Card Journal Vouchers do not support GL Account/Expense type updates.
Do I need Supervisor or One-over-One Approval?
One-over-one is not required. The approval ends with the budget owner. This has been modelled after the SupplyNet approval process. Once the cardholder has approved the transaction, it then routes directly to the Budget Owner for approval
Do I have to keep paper copies of my receipts?
No. Once you have uploaded your receipt into My Wallet, that now acts as your original receipt for record retention.
What is NOT acceptable as a receipt?
Debit or credit card slips, unless accompanied by an itemized cash register receipt or invoice. Credit card or bank statements, unless used to support foreign exchange fees along with an invoice or detailed receipt.
Can I attach a picture of a receipt from my phone or tablet?
It is preferred that you attach a PDF image of your receipt, because not all image file types are compatible and cannot be opened by your approver or reviewers.
  • Other supported file formats include:
    • “JPG” for standard photo files
    • “PNG” for screenshots
Can a Budget Owner delegate someone to approve their transactions for them?

Cardholders can authorize individuals to enter new claims and reconcile the new “Credit Card Statement” expense report on their behalf in PeopleSoft Financials, however as a budget owner you are still required to go into the report and approve the transactions. 

Budget owner delegation functionality is available in PeopleSoft. However, all transactions requiring approval (not just Credit Card Statements) will route to the delegate, for example in the case of a vacation or leave.

What if I have transactions on my credit card statement that are for more than one budget owner?
It is recommended to do a separate expense report for each budget owner.  This way, budget owners see only the transactions they’ll be approving.
How will I know when my transactions are available to reconcile?
Credit card transactions are loaded nightly so you can go in daily, weekly, or monthly to do your reconciliation. Keep in mind that everytime you submit an expense report, it will then be routed to the budget owner for approval.
What if I do not have a receipt?
An attachment is required in order to submit an expense report.  You must do everything you can to obtain a receipt. If you cannot obtain a receipt, attach an email or other justification outlining how you have attempted to get proof of the transaction.
Should I upload receipts separately by line or altogether?

If you have paper copies of receipts, you may scan them together and attach one PDF file to the credit card statement. We encourage you to indicate the number of receipts within the file in the description field.

If your receipts were emailed to you (i.e. they are already electronic copies), you may attach them individually.

If a user is expected to be away at month end, can they reconcile earlier?
Yes, credit card transactions from BMO are updated nightly in MyWallet, so you do not have to wait until the end of the month to create your Credit Card Statement report.
Can I split a credit card transaction between 2 different speed codes, for 2 budget owners?

Yes. Select the Accounting Detail icon in the transaction line you would like to split. Click the Add ChartField Line button to add another line, where you can indicate the second speed code and dollar amount.

Note: You need to update the dollar amount on the original line, so that the combined lines equal the expense (transaction) amount.

It is important to note that when splitting a single transaction between 2 speed codes, the credit card claim will route only to the budget owner on the first line for approval.

Where can I find a list of transactions that are eligible to be paid using my PCard?
Please refer to the Corporate Purchasing Card Procedure on the UAPPOL website for full details on eligible and restricted (ineligible) transactions .