Student WCB Coverage and Reporting

What is Workers Compensation?

The Workers' Compensation Board (WCB-Alberta) is a no-fault insurance program governed by the Alberta Workers' Compensation Act. This legislation provides for coverage for accidents that arise out of a course of employment or value for service. Disability management and payment of benefits is directly determined and managed by the WCB for qualified persons injured on the job as a result of work- related injuries. This may include injuries out of your work as an employee, student or volunteer. For questions or further inquires contact WCB  at 780-498-3999 or 1-866-922-9221.

Student WCB Coverage – Work as a student “in Alberta”

Student workers compensation coverage is for injuries which may occur in the course of your ‘work as a student’. Students that are registered and attending the University of Alberta may be covered by WCB for injuries that arise from participating in an activity that is in the direct pursuit of their degree or accreditation. This coverage is not for injuries that occur in personal time. (See the WCB Student Fact Sheet for more information).

  • the student must be an Alberta resident
  • the student must be registered in and physically attending the University of Alberta which leads to an degree or certification (recognized by Alberta Advanced Education)
  • WCB-Alberta will not extend coverage to students who are participating in a “Take Your Child to Work” program.
Distance Learners & Practicum Placement with an Employer

Workers Compensation Alberta has developed the following to support determination of workers compensation coverage for post-secondary students on practicum placement with an employer. Should a student match all criteria under Section 28, coverage is automatic.


A distance learner is a student who is completing their course(s) from a location away from the campus through print-based materials in combination with web support, e-mail and fax correspondence with instructors.

Should the student match all criteria under Section 28, coverage is automatic. Should the student not meet all criteria for Section 28, the U of A must apply for a deeming order:  WCB Alberta working outside Alberta form.

Distance Learner students that are residents of Alberta and are undertaking a practicum in Canada may be covered by WCB only while on their practicum site. The employer is responsible for complying with the workers' compensation legislation of that jurisdiction.

When Does WCB Coverage Not Apply?

Workers compensation is intended to provide benefits for student injuries while in the course of study.

Workers compensation is not intended to provide benefits for students who suffer accidents while engaging or participating in extra-curricular sporting, recreational, social or personal fulfillment activities which are not a current academic requisite or required as part of the course of study in which the student is registered.

Injuries incurred while student workers are participating in sporting or athletic activities are not considered compensable except in limited circumstances. When in doubt, submit a claim to WCB.

Workers Compensation does not cover ambulance costs. Ambulance costs for students who suffer an accident and who are in need of medical aid to a hospital are covered by Alberta Advanced Education. Invoices should be sent for payment to: Tricia Hurry, HR Program Coordinator, 7th floor, Phipps-McKinnon Building, 10020-101A  Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3G2.

Reporting a Claim - Injury Report Instructions for Students

All accidents or incidents should be reported as soon as possible to your Supervisor, Workers' Compensation Alberta, and the University of Alberta. WCB is responsible for managing and adjusting all claims that qualify for student WCB coverage. Contact WCB at 780-498-3999 or 1-866-922-9221.

The Office of the Registrar will be contacted by Workers' Compensation Alberta to confirm your registration and hours worked 'as a student' while at the University of Alberta. Employers will be contacted directly if injury occurs as a result of your work as a practicum student.

The University of Alberta's WCB account number for students is 9773818

  1. Employers must report known incidents within 72 hours.
  2. Students must complete and submit the WCB online incident reporting form.
  3. Students should report injuries as required under the University of Alberta's Environment, Health & Safety guidelines. To report an incident, complete and submit an on-line incident form.