Payment Methods


All Canadian and US dollar cheques issued by the University of Alberta are automatically mailed to the supplier's address in order to achieve the greatest operational efficiency.


Our vendors can elect to receive their payments by Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) to Canadian Banking Institutions in Canadian funds. This is our preferred sustainable option for payment.


The most recent improvement to the Payment process has enabled Electronic Payments (EFT/ ACH) in US funds to recognized USA based Financial Institutions.

Wire Transfers

Wire transfers are processed only when a cheque cannot be issued because of currency or geographic limitations. Wire transfers are not processed within North America.


Cheque and EFT payments in Canadian and US dollars are completed every Wednesday (except in case of holiday closures / bulletin to advise would be sent in advance to notify alternate date)

Wire Transfer payments (foreign currencies) are completed on Tuesdays (except at month end, when the last wires are entered three business days prior to the last day of the month)