Contracting for Services

A Contract for Services (CFS) can be issued by SMS to an individual, a small business (unregistered) or a limited or incorporated company ("Contractor") in order to provide services to the University. The PO and its associated terms and conditions, approved by SMS, ensure that the Contractor is informed of its obligations, including the specific services to be provided.

For individuals and small businesses, the UofA business unit must ensure that the criteria for a CFS can be met in order to safeguard the University from the potential liability associated with the wrongful categorization of work. The completion of a Determination of a Worker's Status Checklist provides the information needed to determine if the nature of the relationship, ensuring that it is not an employee-employer relationship. A CFS should not be issued to anyone who meets the criteria for an employee relationship. In those cases, Human Resource Services (HRS) should be contacted and HRS employment procedures followed.

Limited and incorporated companies are considered contractors, as are individuals and small businesses that have a contractor relationship as per the Determination of a Worker's Status Checklist. In all of these instances, the business unit should initiate a CFS via SupplyNet. Any contract over $50,000 will also require a Service Agreement that must be signed prior to work commencing in order to ensure the unit is compliant.

Proposed services in excess of Competitive Bid Thresholds are subject to a competitive bid process as outlined in the Competitive Bid and Competitive Bid Exception Procedure.

For further information:

See: Contracting for Services Procedure
Competitive Bid and Exception Procedure