Corrections (Accounts Payable Journal Vouchers)

A correction may be required when a transaction (e.g. invoice) posts successfully to the General Ledger and the supplier has been paid, but a keying error in the voucher has resulted in an incorrect chart of accounts (speed code or account code) being expensed. Transactions that originated in Accounts Payable (with a journal ID of APV) must be corrected by an Accounts Payable Journal Voucher (APJV) if an error is discovered.

Most campus departments have the capability to enter an APJV in PeopleSoft. If finance personnel in the department do not have access to enter an APJV, or if there is an error to the GST code (GST rebate), the department must contact the Staff Service Centre with the supplier name, invoice number, voucher number and a brief description of the error and Payment Services will enter the APJV.

A minimum institutional threshold of $250 per line is required to correct operating fund transactions. There is no dollar limit to corrections relating to restricted/research funds.

  • Department must complete the Accounts Payable Journal Voucher Entry form. (see Finance Forms Cabinet)
  • The form must be signed by the budget owner(s) of the debit line(s) and if restricted or research funds are debited, internal control (independent review) must also sign the form to ensure the transaction complies with donor/sponsor terms.
  • Supporting documentation must be attached to justify the correction.
  • Once the Accounts Payable Journal Voucher Entry form has been approved, the APJV is entered into PeopleSoft as a Journal Voucher.

APJV forms and supporting documents are to be filed and maintained for 6 plus the current fiscal year as per the university's file retention requirements. Payment Services recommends filing APJVs by supplier name and fiscal year as centrally as possible within the unit to ensure they are accessible for audit verification and review.