Work from Home Expenses

Home Office Requirements

Employees are responsible for the following costs and equipment associated with working from home: 

  1. High-speed internet connection (High speed broadband access (LAN, Cable or DSL) with minimum download speed of 5Mbps is strongly recommended)
  2. Cellular phone or landline
  3. Printer and printer supplies (if required)
  4. Office furniture meeting ergonomic standards
  5. Appropriate workspace lighting
  6. Repair, maintenance and operation of personal equipment
  7. Home insurance and related coverage for a home office
  8. Mortgage or rent
  9. Utilities

The university will provide:

Standard stationary (ordered through established university procedures)

Note: These supplies are ordered through our Preferred Supplier Agreement Staples, within SupplyNet. The employee is expected to pick up these supplies from their campus unit and transport them home. Stationary supplies cannot be ordered on a University issued purchasing card or personal credit card.

Remote location (80 km outside of your designated university worksite):

In the situation where the employee is working from a remote location, they may purchase outside of the preferred supplier agreement on a University issued purchasing card or personal credit card and complete an expense reimbursement.

Employees that complete these types of transactions >5 times per year are required to obtain and use a University issued Credit Card.

Additional information relating to the Work from Home Program is available here.