Investments and Treasury

Investments & Treasury is a dynamic team of eight individuals who work in a highly collaborative, innovative and professional environment.

The Investments & Treasury team is responsible for providing the University of Alberta with strategic leadership and oversight of its cash flow, banking services and investment portfolio.

Our responsibility is to ensure that the University's cash flow is managed effectively and that sufficient liquidity is maintained to meet the University's obligations. This responsibility extends to the design, implementation and delivery of a comprehensive investment program for the University's endowed and non-endowed funds.

Our team continuously evaluates investment opportunities and strategies to ensure that the long-term value of the University Endowment Pool (UEP) is maintained after inflation and program spending in order to equally benefit current and future generations. After taking the University's cash flow requirements into account, we identify and evaluate investment opportunities for the Non-Endowed Investment Pool (NEIP) to enable enhanced levels of support for future strategic initiatives.