Equipment Services

Equipment Services is responsible for three main areas:

  • Tracking of University of Alberta assets
  • Providing information to the campus community relating to assets/policies/procedures/statistical information
  • Updating the status of assets in the database at the end of the life cycle. All assets of greater than $5000 in value and assets deemed desirable are tracked in a central PeopleSoft database on campus. At the end of the life cycle assets can be donated, transferred, sold or recycled and the database must reflect these changes with proper authorization in place.

Asset Tracking

The Asset Management registry in PeopleSoft should be used to track equipment assets. Access to this module can be secured through the PeopleSoft eSecurity module. The user access role required is “ZAM_EQUIP_ENTRY.”  Separate query access is required to make use of those queries (ZZZ_QUERY_VIEWER). 

Training for this module is available online through the training link in PeopleSoft Financials. Data can be entered singly into PeopleSoft directly or in bulk using the upload template available through Equipment Services. Once completed, the spreadsheet can be emailed to Equipment Services for upload.

Tag Requests

To request tags or labels, contact Equipment Services. University of Alberta barcode tags are sequentially numbered and used for equipment assets that will be tagged and tracked in the PeopleSoft Asset Management registry. Property identity labels are available if you require identification of ownership only.

Supply Management Services is the sole distributor of asset tags and labels for moveable equipment assets on behalf of the University of Alberta.

Supplementary Guidelines/Forms for Equipment Assets

Asset Tag Request Form (for new equipment purchases)

Off Campus Equipment Authorization Guidelines

Selling University Equipment to External Parties

Equipment Services Brochure

Trade-in of University Equipment Guidelines

Equipment loans FROM the University of Alberta to companies/institutions

Equipment loans TO the University of Alberta

Closing Down an Office / Research Lab / Centre / Institute

Equipment Gift in Kind TO the University of Alberta

Professional Expense Reimbursement