Building Hours


Many in our university community have not had the opportunity to visit campus since March 2020. See below for information on visiting campus safely.

Welcome to Fall 2021!

Here’s what you need to know about accessing campus:

Building hours for Fall 2021

Building hours may have changed since the last time you were working, studying or visiting our campuses. Please check the hours before making your trip!

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Access after hours

For access to buildings after their posted hours, you will require permission from your supervisor or Faculty Access Control Administrator (FACA).

Preparing your trip

View the Campus Safety Checklist to learn more on how to prepare to visit our campuses.

Wear your mask

Masks are required in all indoor areas for added safety. Check out the university’s Safety Measures General Directives for the latest on masking requirements.

New cleaning protocols

Common areas are open again with some new cleaning protocols. When in doubt, look for official campus signage nearby. View our Cleaning Standards for more information.