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University of Alberta Continuing Education is committed to providing relevant, flexible, and high-quality training to organizations looking to maximize employee potential.

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Tailored learning opportunities for your organization's unique needs

Delivering achievable results with measurable and actionable outcome

Access to industry experts to extend your reach

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The Continuing Education Team is dedicated to delivering a wide range of comprehensive services to our valued partners to optimize your learning and development initiatives. These services include:

 Tailored Learning Solutions

We conduct a comprehensive needs assessment to precisely identify your organization's requirements and design engaging training programs with industry-relevant content and expert instructors.

 Flexible Group Training

Benefit from quality courses and programs, choose from various delivery options, and enjoy group discounts tailored to your organization's needs.

 Scalable Solutions

Whether your organization is small or large, we have the expertise to develop customized training opportunities for all levels within your team.

 Learning Management System Hosting Services

Utilize our comprehensive one-stop solution for hosting your training programs through our Learning Management System, creating a dedicated learning portal for easy access to your organization's training materials.

 Content Licensing

Access the University of Alberta's world-class curriculum and incorporate content from other providers to create a comprehensive training program for your team.

 Assessment and Evaluation

Our programs include robust assessments and consultations to demonstrate the return on investment in education.

 Continuous Support

Our dedicated team of continuing education experts is available to provide ongoing support, answer queries, resolve technical issues, and offer additional assistance throughout your organization's learning journey.


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We are here to empower your organization's educational goals and facilitate your growth.

Canadian Job Grant Funding

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Continuing Education offers an excellent opportunity for organizations to invest in employee development while benefiting from cost assistance. Our extensive range of courses and programs are eligible for this support, which covers two-thirds of the training cost for your current employees and can even provide full coverage when hiring unemployed Albertans. The Canada-Alberta Job Grant is an employer-driven training program designed to enhance the skills and capabilities of your workforce, and it's open to businesses across all sectors in Alberta.

Learn more about the application process on the Canada-Alberta Job Grant webpage.

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