Education Tax Credit

Each student must determine their eligibility to use these tax credits on a personal income tax return based on their own circumstances.

  • No T2202 certificate is produced if total eligible fees are less than $100 for the tax year and there are no education tax benefits listed.
  • Tuition and education credit income tax receipts will be issued only to students registered in courses that provide credit towards a citation, certificate, diploma, or degree.
  • To qualify for months of attendance, you must meet the above criteria and for Part-time credit, the class must be over 21 days of at least 12 hours a month of class instruction. Full-time, the class must be over 21 days and at least 10 hours per week of instruction.

Students who qualify for the Tuition and Education Tax Credit can access official income tax receipts (Form T2202) the following February after the tax year. Eligibility will be based on the Income Tax Act and student’s registration records.

Access your T2202 slip online

Bear Tracks > Financial Account > Tax Forms > T2202 Tax Form

T2202’s prior to 2011 can be accessed by submitting a T2202 Reprint Request to the Office of the Registrar.

Please note: T2202 records will be held and printed for a period of seven years. For more information see: CRA Website