Course Registration, Fees + Payment

You do not need to be enrolled in a University of Alberta program to register in individual courses. Note that courses may have prerequisites.

Students who wish to register for courses themselves can do so online (select your course, add to cart, then checkout online) or by submitting a course registration form online to the Student Service Centre.

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Registration Deadlines

Look for the "open for registration until …" date on any given course page. Register at least one week before the course start date to secure your spot. If space is available you may register until the day the course starts.

Course Prerequisites

Course prerequisites can be found in the course description. If you have successfully fulfilled a prerequisite for another course you plan to enrol in during the same term, please get in touch with our program office for professional assistance and support.

Students registering in courses for which a prerequisite is listed must meet the prerequisite requirements. A grade of D is the minimum grade acceptable in a course which is to be used as a prerequisite. Note: Students must obtain a cumulative program GPA of 2.0 to be eligible for Program Completion.

Continuing Education may cancel the registration of students who do not meet the prerequisite requirements as stated in the course description. Where a prerequisite is stated the prerequisite requirements may be waived with the written approval of the program that offers the course. Students who are unsure that they meet the prerequisite requirements in a course, or who wish to obtain permission to have prerequisite waived, shall consult the program offering the course.

Course Cancellation Policy

Continuing Education reserves the right to cancel courses due to insufficient registration. We will make every effort to inform you of cancelled classes. Please ensure your address, phone number and email are kept current on your file (log into Bear Tracks to update your contact information). Notices of course cancellations are sent to your U of A email account.

Information about refunds, withdrawals, and transfers »

Auditing a Course

Enrol and participate in a class without the expectation that you will complete assignments or exams. Audited courses will not be considered as meeting prerequisite, course or program requirements. Students can complete the Audit Request form. All forms are to be submitted to the Student Service Centre.


  • Applications must be received before the 20% Academic Drop deadline found on the bottom of your Fee Assessment/Course confirmation.
  • The regular course fee applies but you will not be expected to submit assignments or exams.
  • Your course Fee Assessment contains your class information: dates, textbook details, classroom location (note that not all courses take place at Enterprise Square), receipt of payment. Access it on Bear Tracks: (Financials > Fee Assessment > select the term and the course).
  • Once your status has been set to Audit, students cannot revert back to a credentialled student.
  • Audited courses will display on your Continuing Education transcript with a grade of AU and the course will not count towards completion of a credential.

Fees + Payments

Information about fees and payment options are included below. View the Funding Assistance page for information on awards, scholarships and financial assistance available.

Accepted payment methods:

  • Online and over the telephone - Most major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover).
  • In person - Interac, cheque, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover, HRDF, Indent, and Invoice.

Non-instructional fees

  • Admission: $100
  • Readmission: $50
  • Withdraw: $75/course
  • Transfer: $75/course
  • Special/Deferred Exam: $100
  • Grade Appeals: $100
  • Duplicate Certificate: $100
  • Transfer Credit Fee: $125/course
  • Credit by Special Assessment - $125/assessment
    requires approval from the program office and is reviewed on a case-by-case basis; contact your program office for more information.

Invoice payment instructions

Students who are sponsored by their employer or other entity, must send a signed and completed course registration form and include either:

  • A Letter of Authorization on company letterhead, the letter must state that the University of Alberta is authorized to invoice for payment or
  • A Purchase Order that includes the student’s name(s), course name(s) and date(s), fees, and the printed name and written signature of an official with signing authority (not the student).
  • Alternatively, organizations can send a completed Letter of Authorization form
  • Invoice payment is accepted by cheque (payable to the University of Alberta), wire payment, electronic funds transfer (EFT), or credit card (Visa, American Express, MasterCard or Discover Card) in Canadian funds

University of Alberta Staff + Department Payments

Human Resource Development Funds (HRDF) Payments

University of Alberta non-academic staff employees who have been approved by Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) can register by submitting their completed registration forms to the Student Service Centre. Courses fully paid by HRDF are considered Internal Sales and GST is not applied.

  • Students are responsible for the balance of tuition fees (and the remaining GST calculated on the balance) when the tuition exceeds the approved HRDF amount.

Indent payments

University of Alberta Interdepartmental payments (Indents) for tuition can be submitted to the Student Service Centre.

Financial Holds/Overdue Accounts

In any case where a student has neglected or refused to pay amounts owed to the University, the Registrar has been empowered and directed by the Board of Governors to deny or terminate registration and withhold their official transcript and/or official parchment, until the student has settled the account with the University or has made arrangements satisfactory to the University to do so. For example, the official parchment, or official transcript, may be withheld or registration denied if the student owes the University for library penalties or fines; for purchases at the University Bookstore; for parking or traffic violations; for breakage or damage to laboratory facilities or supplies; for student fees and University of Alberta Emergency Student Loans; for room and board fees; for fees for reexamination or deferred final examinations; or for fines imposed by the Discipline Officer or the University Appeal Board.

Delinquent accounts will be reported to the Credit Bureau and referred to a collection agency for recovery.