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Join the ranks of thousands of students and organizations who have chosen the University of Alberta’s Continuing Education to build in-demand skills. Discover how our flexible courses and programs provide tangible learning to advance your career and shape organizational talent.


Explore courses that can be taken individually or ladder into buildable micro-credentials.


Elevate your career prospects with our flexible, industry-recognized programs.

Organizational Training

Fuel your organizational growth and discover our education solutions, tailored to enhance your workforce's skills, boost internal capacity and drive success.

Just Enough

Unlock your potential through our flexible micro-credential learning options. Dive into certificate programs for comprehensive expertise, shorter courses for skill boosts, or self-directed micro-courses for on-demand learning.

Just For Me

Choose from our flexible online, on-campus, or hybrid programs and courses, designed to meet the demands of busy professionals juggling career and personal commitments. With year-round enrollment, you can begin your journey whenever it suits your schedule.

Just in Time

Learn relevant, job-applicable concepts and benefit from genuine interaction and valuable feedback from our industry-expert instructors dedicated to equipping you for success in your field.

Featured programs

Leadership Certificate

Nurturing new leaders with new strategies for business success.


Master user-centred design strategies, problem-solving and research.

RHF Inclusion and Accessibility Training

Build knowledge of inclusion and accessibility for people with disabilities.

Renewable Energy Technologies

Explore challenges and prin­ci­ples of oper­at­ing within the rapidly evolv­ing clean ener­gy sector.

Building Skills, Shaping Talent and Strengthening Communities.

This program has given me a much clearer understanding of how to be tactful, resourceful and intentional with my relationships and forms of communication among my coworkers. Perfecting the art of influence to create openness is what wins buy-in. And that is something I aim to master every day I show up to work.”

Areas of Study

Accessibility and Inclusion

Delve deeper into the complexities of disability challenges and rights, hone your capacity to craft strategies for promoting inclusivity, and explore Universal Design strategies that enrich our shared, built environments.

Business and Leadership

Explore our Business and Leadership offerings to discover an abundance of career-advancing opportunities, tailored to empower professionals to thrive in today's dynamic business landscape.


Explore specialized content for professional communicators and courses tailored to industry-specific tools and deployment strategies.

Digital Technologies

Our Digital Technologies programming area offers career programs for digital marketers, web developers, and UX/UI designers.

English Language Studies

Explore the profound cultural experience of language learning and discover the doors it opens to new connections and opportunities.

Environmental Studies

Advance your career in Environmental Sciences and Renewable Energy with specialized courses in Soil Science, Water Resource Management, Land Reclamation, and Environmental Remediation.

Government Administration

Our programs offer diverse career paths in government administration, equipping you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in public service roles and make a positive impact in your community.


Dive into our broad healthcare selection, spanning pharmacy, rehabilitation, dietetics, health system improvement, and public health. Gain insights into cutting-edge research and innovative patient care approaches to elevate your career in the healthcare sector.

Indigenous Relations

Explore our Indigenous Relations programs and courses, designed to foster cultural understanding and collaboration. Gain valuable insights and skills for meaningful engagement with Indigenous communities.

Visual Communications and Design

Explore courses that merge creativity and functionality for impactful design. Develop skills in communicating ideas through engaging visuals across various media, from residential interiors, to digital platforms and user experience.

Workplace Safety

Forge an impactful career with our programs in Workplace Safety. Earn respected credentials in Occupational Health and Safety, explore emerging issues and workplace wellness, and pave the way for professional accreditation.


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