Withdrawals, Refunds + Transfers

Students are responsible for their academic record. Changes requested, withdrawal or transfer, must be approved and/or initiated by the student. 

Leaving a course

Students can withdraw from courses online via Bear Tracks (Academics > Drop). 

Depending on when you withdraw, the course will either appear or not appear on your transcript.

NOTE: Students who do not formally withdraw from a course will be assigned a grade based on coursework completed.


The course will not appear on your U of A transcript.

  • When: up to 5 days before course starts
  • Refund: course fee minus a $75 administrative fee
  • When: less than 5 days before the course starts, no refund will be issued

Cancel your course online via Bear Tracks (Academics > Drop).

Students should be aware that when they withdraw from a course at any time after the Cancel Deadline (5 days prior to the course start date), they have effectively occupied a place in the class. Since space in classes is limited, the faculty aims to ensure that as many opportunities as possible are left open for students seeking to register. The faculty treats all students in an equitable fashion adhering to the deadlines published.


The course will not appear on your U of A transcript.

  • When: up to 20% into your course
    • 1 or 2 day course: prior to start
    • 3, 4 or 5 day course: end of first class
    • 6 week course: end of week 1
    • 7 to 10 week course: end of week 2
    • 13 week course: end of week 3
  • Refund: none

Drop your course online via Bear Tracks (Academics > Drop).


The course will appear on your U of A transcript with a grade of ‘WP’.

  • When: up until the final class in your course
  • Refund: none

Withdraw from your course online via Bear Tracks (Academics > Drop).

Transfer to a different course

Students may transfer between courses provided there is space in the course to which you wish to transfer.

In all cases, a transfer fee will be charged.

  • When: up to 5 days before course starts
    • except in the case of 13 week classes where the transfer deadline is before the beginning of the third class.
  • Fee: $75

Transfer courses by submitting a completed Course Transfer Request Form

Courses that get cancelled

Continuing Education reserves the right to cancel courses due to insufficient registration. We will make every effort to inform you of cancelled classes. Please ensure your address, phone number and email is kept current on your file (log into Bear Tracks to update your contact information). Notices of course cancellations are sent to your U of A email account.

Refund Method

  • Credit card and all online payments will be refunded to the source of the original payment.
  • Payments made in cash, cheque, money order, traveler cheque, bank draft or card present Interac payment will be issued refunds either by cheque or directly to the student bank account via direct deposit if you have provided this information on Bear Tracks.
  • Interdepartmental and Human Resource Development Fund payments will be refunded back to the originating department.
  • Invoice payments will be refunded back to the sponsoring organization.

Third Party Billing/Sponsorships

  • Any student whose fees are paid by another source is considered a third party/sponsored student.
  • Third Party Sponsors will be expected to adhere to University policies and the withdraw and refund policies outlined.
  • Students are responsible for advising the third party of any changes to the financial record after the initial billing.
  • In adherence with the FOIPP policy, any University of Alberta documentation which contains student personal information requires written student consent for release to a third party. Contact the Student Service Centre for further information.