Contact Continuing Education

Our Continuing Education team is committed to ensuring you have the best learning experience and would be happy to support you with any questions you may have.

Contact the U of A Student Service Centre (SSC) if you are looking for:

  • Registration and payment processing
  • Application for program admissions form submission
  • Bear Tracks navigation support
  • Campus Computing ID (CCID) assistance and resets

For program inquiries, contact the program office at 

For any other inquiries, this directory serves as a valuable resource for reaching out to our team members, including leadership, advisors, and administrative staff, should you require their assistance or guidance.


Jessica Butts Scott
Associate Vice-President, Online Learning and Continuing Education

Brian Pardell
Director, Continuing Education

Sandra Lacza
Manager, Continuing Education

Program Team

Nimmi Dua
Programs Team Lead, Continuing Education

Michelle Zolner
Program Coordinator

Saad Khan
Program Coordinator

Amber Henderson
Program Coordinator

Cameron Mosimann
Program Coordinator

Administration Team

Jackie Lane
Administration Team Lead

Program Assistants

Kelly Nguyen
Kelly Akins
Carrie Sawatsky
Mack Harding
Angela Dempster

For general program inquiries, contact the program office at