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via knowledge, discovery and innovation

One of Canada's top five research universities, we are a research and innovation hub that is helping create tomorrow today.

Leading experts

We are home to leading experts in both established and emerging fields including health, artificial intelligence, energy, food safety & security, nanotechnology, the environment and earth's resources, our past, clean technology, climate change, smart technology and aerospace to name a few. By asking why, our researchers push the boundaries of knowledge and create discoveries and innovations that improve our lives and the world, and help shape our future.


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Research Universities in Canada


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Great mentors

UAlberta professors provide the mentorship and guidance graduate students and postdoctoral fellows need for success.

Advanced facilities

We are home to some of Canada's, and the world's, best and most advanced research facilities, equipment and resources. These, along with our strategic networks and partner hospitals, facilitate research across the entire spectrum; from discovery to innovation, to technology development and evidence-based policy recommendations.

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Bookshelf in library


We are home to Canada's 2 nd largest research library, with over 4.7 million titles, 8.7 million volumes, and access to over 1.3 million e-books, over 1,700 databases and over 40,000 items.

Lab in nanoFAB


A micro/nano fabrication and characterization facility supporting academic and industry R&D. The largest such academic based nanotech centre by active user base and available tools in Canada.

Lab in Alberta Cell Therapy Manufacturing

Alberta Cell Therapy Manufacturing

A multi-use GMP cell therapy manufacturing and training facility - the only such facility in Western Canada and one of only a few in Canada.

Key Research Strengths

Our research spans established and emerging areas and multiple fields including health and life sciences, social sciences, energy, business, computer science, agriculture, AI, humanities and engineering. Our expertise and strength attracts over $500 million annually from various research funders and partners including federal and provincial government, industry, foundations and other organizations.

$500 +


Annual Research Funding 2019

Here are some of our research strengths:

Radiology researchers Michelle Noga (left) and Kumaradevan Punithakumar, pictured in the Servier Virtual Cardiac Laboratory at the U of A. (Photo: Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry)

Making tumour tracking 5X faster

A new faster way to track tumour movement of tumours during radiation therapy, could significantly improve outcomes for cancer patients.

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Zebrafish (Photo: Getty Images)

Zebrafish offers clues to human nicotine addiction

Study on how fish respond to nicotine exposure offers clues to find ways for treating human withdrawal more effectively.

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U of A biophysicist Michael Woodside (Photo: John Ulan)

Exploring COVID-19 drug targets

Similarities found between processes in SARS-CoV-2 and SARS which could pave the way for drugs to prevent both viruses replicating.

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Innovation & Commercialization

Research creates the knowledge required to innovate and create new solutions and technologies. Transferring those innovations out of the university via commercialization is just one way our research is helping shape the future, improving quality of life, driving the economy and economic diversity and serving the public who help fund that research. 

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Spinoff companies created


Active spinoffs


Patents filed


License/options executed

During April 2019 - March 2020

Entrepreneurship @UAlberta

Entrepreneurship @UAlberta provides the education, support and mentorship that helps our students become entrepreneurial thinkers.

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Spinoffs and Startups

A university spinoff is a new company created to commercialize and develop an idea and/or innovation developed at the University of Alberta.

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VP Research and Innovation

Walter Dixon, Interim Vice President

Walter Dixon, Interim Vice-President

The Office of Vice-President (Research and Innovation) supports UAlberta's large and complex research and innovation enterprise. Led by Interim Vice-President Walter Dixon, the portfolio works within the university, and with external partners and stakeholders, to provide leadership, support and services to the university's research community, in all stages of research and innovation, across five campuses and in conjunction with our partner hospitals, sponsors and partners. The portfolio also plays a key role in fostering, developing and supporting major research initiatives and partnerships.

Office of VP Research and Innovation