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Sustainable resource development.
Lowest-cost hydrogen solutions.
The most advanced carbon capture.

Inventing the future has already begun.

What are we doing at the U of A?

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ranked among the world’s top energy research universities

What happens when 1,000+ students and post-doctoral fellows and 150+ leading researchers come together with razor-sharp focus?

The future of energy takes shape.

Future Energy Systems funds researchers to develop new energy technologies and integrate them into our current infrastructure. With intensive support, our researchers are mitigating the environmental impacts of current and future energy systems, and better understanding the influence of energy transition on our environment, economy and society.

See how we’re driving toward a low-carbon economy and shaping our energy future:

We Are

home to Canada's largest group of energy researchers


Artificial Intelligence

21st Century Energy Transition

In this short course, learn how we might balance climate change, environmental sustainability, and energy poverty all at once.

Precision Health

Introduction to the Arctic: Climate

We know the Arctic is cold and ice-covered — but why? How does that impact its climate and ecosystems? Find out!

Agriculture + Food Security

Mountains 101

Mountain ranges are a distinct world of their own. Explore their significance to biodiversity, human use and protection, and how our warming climate is causing rapid alpine change.


in Canada for energy publications


researchers focused on energy innovation

$75 million

from the Canada First Research Excellence Fund

Purpose is power. Solving our world’s most complex challenges demands new ways of thinking and doing, and can only happen with a constant influx of knowledge. Welcome to one of the most resourceful and productive hubs of research and growth in Canada.

Ice Cores

Our Canadian Ice Core Collection holds 10,000 years’ worth of invaluable knowledge, helping researchers around the globe answer critical climate change questions.

Polar Bears

One of the world's leading polar bear experts is U of A researcher Andrew Derocher. Equipped with 40+ years of Arctic field work, his team has made major impacts on global knowledge of polar bears.

The Ărramăt Project

Dozens of researchers — of all different backgrounds — are working together to curb the decline of biodiversity and improve the well-being of Indigenous peoples.


Our university has been building energy researchers, discoverers and innovators since the 1920s, when Karl Clark's experiments showed oil in Alberta's oil sands could be unlocked. Today, we ready our students to lead us toward new solutions and a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences (ALES)

With support from the Sustainability Council, ALES cultivates interdisciplinary education and research in renewable resources and related areas associated with climate change.

Faculty of Arts

Whether it’s examining political aspects of energy transition or what the future of energy means for labour markets, our strength in funding and research is helping us better understand societal impacts.

Faculty of Engineering

This faculty is internationally recognized for expertise and research in wastewater management and treatment, carbon capture and storage, and surface water management.

Faculty of Science

Our research and teaching powerhouse is dedicated to shaping the future, pushing the boundaries of knowledge in the classroom, laboratory and field.

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