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Campus Alberta Small Business Engagement (CASBE)


In partnership, NSERC Alliance and Alberta Innovates' (AI)  Campus Alberta Small Business Engagement (CASBE) program support post-secondary R&D collaborations that utilize emerging technologies to assist Alberta small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in developing technology for regional economic development and commercialization.

To receive AI support, the project must:

  1. Align with Alberta Innovates Emerging Technologies areas.
  2. Include at least ONE Alberta SME as an industry partner.

The joint application and decision process allows companies to collaborate with Alberta-based researchers, leveraging their cash contribution with NSERC and AI support. These collaborations are expected to yield economic benefits for the company(ies) and Alberta, fostering impactful, long-term researcher-company partnerships.

For more information on the Alberta Innovates CASBE Grant program, please visit the CASBE Grant website or contact the affiliated U of A Research Partner.

Key Aspects

Intended Recipients

Natural science and engineering (NSE) researchers collaborating with Alberta-based small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


$20,000-$150,000 per year

Funding Duration

1-2 years


  • RAS Internal Review Deadline
    • 5 business days before application submission date (Submit application to RAS via the Researcher Home Page)
  • Final Version Submission Deadline
    • By 10:00 am MST on application submission day (Submit final application to the NSERC via their online system)
  • Alberta Innovates Deadline
    • Ongoing (continuous intake). Program may be paused if sponsor funding has been exhausted.

Research Supports Available for This Competition

National Security Risk Assessment Support for Research Partnerships

The Government of Canada has introduced National Security Guidelines for Research Partnerships, ensuring a balance between openness and security in the research ecosystem. For Alliance grant applications involving private sector partners, applicants and the University must complete a risk assessment form and submit it with the application. Research Security Specialists are available to assist with partner reviews and the institutional risk assessment. Connect with your Research Partner for more information.

Samples of Successful Applications

Samples of successful applications from previous Alliance Grant competitions are available through the GRANT library for reference.

For reference, samples of successful applications from previous Alliance Grant competitions are available in the GRANT library. To gain access to these samples, kindly complete the request form.

Please be aware that the sample grants in our library pertain to applications submitted in recent years. As application requirements and formats are subject to ongoing changes, we recommend referring to the latest information provided by NSERC to ensure compliance with the current competition guidelines.

We kindly request that you refrain from duplicating or distributing any sample applications you may utilize for guidance in developing your own grant.

Other Resources Available for This Competition

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