Research Partners by Faculty

Research Partners are your first point of contact for assigned Faculties. They facilitate the collaborative identification and implementation of services, systems and processes that enhance research administration, improve communication with researchers and administrators, and ensure accountability to all stakeholders. Please direct all faxes to 780-492-0949.



Research Partner



Agricultural, Life and Environmental Sciences Terra Garneau 780-492-2184
Alberta School of Business Craig Taylor 780-492-8059
Arts Craig Taylor 780-492-8059
Augustana Campus Julie Stephens (Interim) 780-492-9189
Campus Saint-Jean Julie Stephens (Interim) 780-492-9189
Education Craig Taylor 780-492-8059
Engineering Terra Garneau 780-492-2184
Extension Lan Chan-Marples 780-492-0639
Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation Lan Chan-Marples 780-492-0639
Law Craig Taylor 780-492-8059
Medicine & Dentistry – All clinical Departments Angela McCormick 780-492-2938
Medicine & Dentistry – Basic Science Departments Lan Chan-Marples 780-492-0639
Native Studies Lan Chan-Marples 780-492-0639
Nursing Angela McCormick 780-492-2938
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Lan Chan-Marples 780-492-0639
Rehabilitation Medicine Lan Chan-Marples 780-492-0639
School of Library and Information Studies Lan Chan-Marples 780-492-0639
School of Public Health Lan Chan-Marples 780-492-0639
Science Kelly Maher (Interim)

Administration and Research Centres


Research Facilitator



Alberta Land Institute Kelly Maher (Interim)
Alberta Land Institute Craig Taylor 780-492-8059
China Institute Craig Taylor 780-492-8059
Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) Julie Stephens 780-492-9189