Commercialize your Research

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Research, scholarly and creative activities lead to new discoveries, knowledge and ideas that drive innovation. Commercialization is one way to enable those inventions to make their way out of the university to shape the future, drive prosperity and economic diversity and improve lives locally and across the globe.

Through an inventor-driven and investor-friendly approach to commercialization, the University of Alberta is empowering a culture of innovation that enables our researchers to lead with purpose.

Inventor-owned Intellectual Property

Learn more about Intellectual Property (IP) and how the University of Alberta supports inventors in commercializing their research results.

Learn about U of A’s IP Process

Accelerate Your Research Impact

Our Technology Transfer Services (TTS) Team supports inventors through a range of options for commercialization. The TTS Team can help you navigate the process and identify what path is most appropriate for you and your invention.

Report an Invention

The first step in protecting your intellectual property.

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Request an Agreement

Draft and negotiate business contracts and other agreements.

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License an Invention

Transfer discovery and knowledge into real-world applications by working with an existing company.

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Create a Spinoff

Create your own company to bring your research into reality.

Not sure where to start?

Transforming discoveries and innovations into reality is a complex and lengthy process. The Technology Transfer Services (TTS) team is here to help you protect your idea, discovery or invention, and explore commercialization potential and opportunities.

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