Prairies Economic Development Canada (PrairiesCan)

Prairies Economic Development Canada (PrairiesCan) previously known as Western Economic Diversification (WED) was established to promote the development and diversification of the economy of Western Canada and to advance the interests of the West in national economic policy, program and project development and implementation.

Through the Prairies Economic Development Program (PrairiesCan, P), PrairiesCan makes strategic investments in initiatives that enhance and strengthen the economy of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Funding is available to not-for-profit organizations (ie., universities and other post-secondary institutions, research institutes, industry associations, Indigenous organizations) for projects that support innovation, business development and/or community economic growth.

Developing a PrairiesCan Proposal

In order to assess project costs adequately and to forecast budget periods for your PrairiesCan application. It is essential that you liaise with the appropriate units at UAlberta to ensure you capture all potential costs and estimated time of delivery or completion for your budget items. Inadequate budget forecast planning could impact PrairiesCan’s ability to flow funding or moving funds to a different fiscal year. Your Research Partner will be your main contact point to give application development support, including advising on sources and eligibility of matching funds.

Developing a Budget

PrairiesCan requires that the forecasted budgeted items are acquired and paid for in the timelines outlined in the budget. Therefore it is crucial that this aspect be reviewed and confirmed by the appropriate units on campus prior to the applicant working with PrairiesCan. Inadequate budget forecast planning, including failure to consult with SMS, F&O and HR, can result in problematic budgetary situations that may negatively impact your project.

Collecting this information will help you plan your project's budget cashflow requirements strategically and mitigate potential problems by allocating funds appropriately.

While developing your budget consider the following:

Personnel Costs

Does your project include costs for personnel (i.e., salary + benefits)?

  • Consult with UAlberta Human Resource Services (HR) and/or your department regarding the development of a Job Fact Sheet, pay grade, etc.
  • Determine estimated timelines for hiring and commencement of the position.

A timely consultation with HR will help you avoid unanticipated delays in hiring personnel and/or insufficient budgeting that in turn can impact your overall costs.

Equipment Costs

Will the project include equipment purchases?

Consult with UAlberta Supply Management Services (SMS) ( to obtain information about:

  • Competitive bid process that applies to items over $75,000 CDN.
  • The estimated cost of the item, including shipping/handling and customs charges.
  • Fees associated with delivery.
  • Delivery and/or installation timelines once the item has been shipped from the vendor.

Since PrairiesCan only reimburses costs for fully paid invoices (and not upon delivery of the item), consulting with SMS on the purchasing details for your budgeted equipment will help you avoid unexpected delays in assembly, shipping and/or delivery that can potentially affect your project forecasts/timelines and impact your award with the PrairiesCan, as funds can not be carried over into the next budget years.

Advanced Research Computing Costs

Does your project include costs for advanced research computing infrastructure (computing, memory, storage, etc.)?

Consult Scott Delinger, Director, Research Computing, Information Services & Technology (780-707-7335; regarding project needs and coordination with Compute Canada, if necessary.

Omitting a consultation with IST about your advanced research computing costs may result in unanticipated delays in the acquisition and installation of advanced research computing infrastructure, affecting your project's forecasts/timelines and impacting your PrairiesCan funding.

Space Modification Costs

Does your project require space modifications (construction/renovation)?

Obtain confirmation from your Faculty of your research space.

Faculty of Science

Tobie Smith
(780) 982-9615

Faculty of Engineering

Keith Franklin
(780) 492-1486

Faculty of Medicine

Brian Reuter
(780) 492-2305

Faculty of ALES

Sarah Gooding
(780) 492-8313

Faculty of Arts

Laura Boisvert
(780) 492-0847

All other Faculties

Alex Hatch
(780) 248-1008

It is very important that you consult with F&O regarding space modifications that may be necessary for your project. Omitting this consultation could result in inaccurate forecasts/timelines that could, in turn, impact your award with the PrairiesCan as funds can not be carried over into the next budget years.

Post-Award Management

Once your project has been awarded, RAS will work on the execution of the award agreement and assist you with the management of your budget, amendments (if necessary) and reporting.

More information related to these activities is available.