Human Participant Research

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University of Alberta

  • Human Research Ethics Policy, published procedures of this policy:
    • Human Research Ethics Appeals Procedure
    • Human Research Ethics Board Structure, Application and Review Procedure
    • Human Research Ethics Roles and Responsibilities Procedure
  • Clinical Trials Office

Using Health Information

Animal Users

Canadian Council on Animal Care (CCAC) Links

Resources for Writing/ Reporting

Recommended Wording to Accompany Publications completed by PIs at the University:

"All animal studies were conducted in accordance with the Canadian Council on Animal Care Guidelines and Policies with approval from the Animal Care and Use Committee: (Biosciences, Health Sciences or Livestock) for the University of Alberta."


Tri-Agency Open Access Policy on Publications requires all peer-reviewed journal publications funded by one of the three federal granting agencies to be freely available online within 12 months.

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University of Alberta

Animal User Training

This is an online course managed by the Research Ethics Office, required to access ARISE and as a pre-requisite for Part 2 Training.

Learn about Part 1 Animal User Training 

Institutional Standard Operating Procedures

Current Institutional Standard Operating Procedures are available within the online system. Log into ARISE to view/download the most recent version of each iSOP.

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Published Procedures of the Animal Ethics Policy

Safe Work Practices

An animal Safe Work Practices (SWP) describes the minimum health and safety infrastructure and operational practices for research involving animals. The SWPs are intended to assist researchers with the EHS portion of the animal use protocol (AUP) application, and to simplify and expedite the process.

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Sustainable Purchasing

This outlines principles of sustainability and animal welfare for suppliers of animals and animal products for research and teaching at the University of Alberta.

Sustainable procurement guidelines and supplier code

The materials and services we purchase as an institution have a significant social, economic and environmental impact. The University of Alberta works closely with suppliers, students, faculty and staff to make sure our purchases support our campus sustainability commitment.

Sustainable purchasing