Our research expertise and collaboration are widely sought by a variety of local, national and international partners including governments, industry, government organizations, universities and technical institutes, research organizations, foundations, philanthropic donors and community organizations. These partnerships help support and advance research and help translate research outcomes into society. This section highlights some of these partnerships.


We attract over $500 million in research funding annually, from various sources including federal and provincial government, industry, foundations, public donors and others.

Our expertise and collaboration are sought by many industry partners, including: IBM, Google Brain, RBC, Servus Credit Union, 3M, Mercedes, Ford, GE, De Beers, HP, CISCO, Honda, Mitsubishi Electric, Deep Mind, Amazon, Twitter, Merck, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Siemens, PCL, TELUS, BASF, HP, Microsoft Research, Zubex Robotics and NASA.

Global partners include Germany, the US, India, Mexico and China among many others. Our strong partnership with China, has been developed over 40 years. One of the most recent developments is a China based joint research center on future energy and the environment. China's Ministry of Education is building strategic international research centres across China--this centre is the first with a Canadian university and will be the only one.