U of A 5G Living Lab

Cell tower

Test your Innovations in a Digital Sandbox

The U of A 5G Living Lab gives researchers, innovators and their industry & community partners access to a virtual 5G sandbox. The Lab makes use of TELUS’ next-generation telecommunications infrastructure to accelerate the development of leading-edge, customer-ready solutions across a variety of fields.

Connected devices, including autonomous drones, smart glasses and wearables (among others), can all be tested in this sandbox.

5G Network

The Lab’s private, commercial-scale 5G network at North and South Campus helps innovators trial their innovations and refine them in a ‘living lab’ environment.

Mobile Edge Computing

Access to mobile edge computing provides teams with the low-latency computing power and infrastructure needed to advance solutions to real-world problems.

Partnership Framework

The Lab’s unique partnership framework brings partners and collaborators to the table, helping to move forward innovative solutions.

Access the 5G Living Lab

The U of A 5G Living Lab is open to researchers and innovators as well as industry collaborators and community partners. Apply to gain access to the next-generation infrastructure you need to accelerate your innovation journey.

U of A Researchers & Innovators

For researchers and innovators at the U of A, the 5G Living Lab provides access to tools and resources that can help accelerate your research and innovation work.

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Industry & Community Partners

Industry and community partners and collaborators can benefit from the 5G Living Lab to support their efforts to advance commercial and other innovative solutions to real-world challenges.

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For general inquiries about the 5G Living Lab, please connect directly with our Technology Transfer Services team at lpetrin@ualberta.ca.

Powered by Partnerships

Initially launched in 2021, the 5G Living Lab is a partnership between TELUS and the University of Alberta with support from Alberta Innovates and Prairies Economic Development Canada . The Lab also helps academic researchers and innovators connect directly with collaborators and partners in industry and the community who can help accelerate research and innovation efforts.

5G In Action

U of A researcher Ehsan Hashemi and his team are developing an AI-powered “shared perception” system for autonomous vehicles that could dramatically improve the time it takes for vehicles to refresh data and make decisions.

Learn more about Ehsan’s work »