Finalize Funding Documentation

Finalizing Funding Documentation infographic

To set up a research project account, Research Administrative Services requires you to upload a complete application package to the Researcher Home Page (see the embedded video below for instructions).

As well, RAS needs to know that the sponsor has made the decision to fund the proposal. Sponsors will provide either a conditional or unconditional approval in the form of a letter, notice of decision, a signed or insigned research contract, or other written form. 

If the decision notice is an unconditional approval, then Research Administrative Services will move to activate your project account. If the decision notice is a conditional approval, your Research Partner will help you to complete the sponsor's remaining requirements.

Please forward all notices of decision and/or research contracts to RAS immediately upon receipt.

Submitting a complete application package

Please note:
The above video lists out-of-date email addresses. If you have further questions about your application package, please contact Research Administrative Services at

Transferring in Research Funding

If you are a new researcher at the University of Alberta with funding from your previous institution, contact your Research Partner to help you move your funds to the U of A.
Research Administrative Services will help you navigate the PeopleSoft system and complete all set-up processes.

What you'll need

  • Approvals for the transfer evidenced by signatures (yours, your chair's and/or your dean's, and possibly sponsors, collaborators, etc.)
  • Copy of the proposal, including budget and scope of work
  • Copy of the notice of award or research contract
  • Biohazards, human ethics, and animal welfare certification from the University of Alberta, if applicable

Remember: your former institution and/or sponsor may have other requirements as well. Involve RAS as soon as you can to minimize delay.