Finalize Funding Documentation

Finalizing Funding Documentation infographic

To establish a research project account, please submit a complete application package through the Researcher Home Page. Additionally, Research Administrative Services (RAS) requires confirmation from the sponsor regarding funding decisions. Sponsors may provide conditional or unconditional approval in various written forms. If the decision notice is unconditional, RAS will proceed to activate your project account. For conditional approvals, your Research Partner will assist in fulfilling the remaining sponsor requirements. Please promptly forward all decision notices and research contracts to RAS upon receipt.

Submitting a complete application package

Transferring in Research Funding

If you are a new researcher at the University of Alberta with funding from your previous institution, contact your Research Partner who will guide you through the PeopleSoft system and help with all setup procedures.

To facilitate the transfer, you will need the following:

  • Approvals for the transfer fromyour previous institution as well as yours, your chair's and/or dean's, and possibly those of sponsors and collaborators.
  • A copy of the proposal, including the budget and scope of work.
  • A copy of the notice of award or research contract.
  • Biohazards, human ethics, and animal welfare certifications from the University of Alberta, if applicable.

Keep in mind that your former institution and/or sponsor may have additional requirements. It is advisable to involve RAS as early as possible to minimize any potential delays.


For more information, contact:

Research Administrative Services