Ethics Review Process

Stage 1: Initial Planning

Research idea, thesis proposal, etc. - there may be consultation, lit. review, peer review, community meetings, team meetings. The research idea is finalized, the partners agree, the survey is written.

No recruitment yet and no research requiring review.


Stage 2: Funding Applications

Prepare grant applications, funding is received.

Stage 3: Ethics Application and Approval

Complete and submit application using ARISE. Ethics applications are reviewed by the Research Ethics Board or the Animal Care and Use Committees for approval.

Stage 4: Research Begins

Operational approval is complete, animals ordered, equipment purchased, staff hired, research starts.

Stage 5: Amendment

Conditions change, opportunities emerge, you need to change your research so you SUBMIT and AMENDMENT to your ethics application. Repeat as necessary.

Stage 6: Renewal

Your first ethics approval is nearing an end. Time to report on your work over the past year and request a renewal. Repeat as necessary.

Stage 7: Closing Report

No additional animals needed, no further interaction with human participants, no need to go back to original participant's records (medical or otherwise). SUBMIT a CLOSING REPORT to close the study.

October 21, 2014