Research Partner Network

The Research Partner Network (RPNet) is part of the Vice-President (Research and Innovation) portfolio and is composed of a diverse team of skilled professionals working collaboratively as part of an institution-wide network to provide essential hands-on support designed to enhance the research application and grant management success. We are the primary point of contact for researchers for both pre- and post-award activities. The ultimate goal of the RPNet is to enable application success and reduce administrative load for our researchers.

By offering hands-on research development and administrative support that is institution-wide, researcher-focused and competition-specific, we strive to provide all of our researchers with assistance for proposal crafting and application development, navigating requirements related to external funding sponsors, and streamlining the research development and administration continuum.

Our Team

The Research Partner Network supports activities across all Colleges/Faculties and works in a coordinated way to deliver services. For convenience, the following individuals can act as your first point of contact and may include other members of the broader partner network depending on your specific research needs.


  • Lead the Research Partner Network and hold the network accountable for providing effective tactical and strategic research development and administrative support to researchers across the University.
  • Work collaboratively with other partner networks, senior administrators both within and external to the Vice-President (Research and Innovation) portfolio, and others at the University, contributing to the development of a coordinated, responsive, and supportive environment that helps researchers do their best work.


First point of contact for College/Independent Faculty Associate Deans (Research)

  • Organize and provide pre-award grant development support for cross-college and interdisciplinary funding opportunities (e.g. NFRF) and coordinating partner involvement in special and/or large-scale funding opportunities and/or proposals.
  • Support with strategic cross-college/faculty and interdisciplinary initiatives and coordinating with College/Faculty Offices of Research on College/Faculty-specific research opportunities.
  • Responsible for the overall development and coordination of the institution-wide research development support provided by the Research Partners. Includes coordinating work with the VPRI Centers of Expertise (COE) - Innovation, Knowledge Mobilization & Partnerships; Researcher Development & Services; Strategic Research Initiatives & Performance; and Research Integrity Support - and other areas.

Research Partners

First point of contact for researchers for research/grant development support

  • Assist researchers with research grant development.
  • Each partner is specialized in an area of grant development based on a defined portfolio of research sponsors and/or programs.
  • Grant development support will be available to any researcher across the institution who is engaged in research relating to a research partner’s portfolio of research sponsors and programs.

Primary point of contact for Faculty Associate/Vice Deans (Research)

  • Offer faculty-specific support (e.g., advocacy, issue resolution) to an assigned portfolio of faculties.
  • Directly connect VPRI to Colleges and Faculties, and vice versa.
  • Serve as a go-to resource for researchers, senior academic leaders, and administrative professionals within assigned College/Faculty.
  • Physically located in the faculties and readily accessible to researchers.

Research Partners’ areas of support include:

  • Assist Faculty Associate/Vice Deans (Research) and their Faculty research teams to meet institutional strategic research goals.
  • Provide personalized grant development support to researchers for grants related to the research partner’s area of specialization (e.g. identifying potential funding opportunities, supporting requests for data for grant applications, helping write institutional sections of applications, drafting support letters).
  • Additional support includes:
    • Curating a successful grants library and funding opportunities database
    • Creating sponsor-specific proposal tipsheets
    • Developing and circulating competition-specific communications
    • Developing and delivering bootcamps/grant-crafting and writing retreats
    • Generating competition reports
    • Organizing and facilitating roundtable discussions, concept challenges, competition-specific peer review processes and more
    • Organizing sponsor-delivered sessions, budget-development supports
    • Strategizing and identifying potential funding opportunities
    • Providing forensic reviews for unsuccessful proposals

Researchers seeking grant development support should contact the Research Partner responsible for the sponsor and/or program of interest to them. For general research support, contact the Partner assigned to your Faculty (see below).


  • Responsible for the overall development and coordination of the institution-wide research development support provided by the Research Administration Specialists.
  • Works with College/Faculty General Managers to coordinate work with the administrative positions in the Colleges/Faculties and other partner networks.
  • Actively engaged in research administrative process and procedure improvement and subsequent implementation across the institution.
  • Works with Faculty Research teams to align support and strategies.


First point of contact for researchers and College/Faculty administrators, including Associate Deans (Research) and Faculty/Department General Managers for research administration-related inquiries and support

  • The Specialists work collaboratively with faculty-based administrators, including generalists, to provide research administrative support to researchers.
  • Provide expertise on research policies and procedures (internal and external).
  • Physically located within the college, and there to support researchers within faculties.

Research Administration Specialists areas of support include:

  • Provide hands-on help to researchers with policy and procedure-related aspects of grant application and fund management.
  • Provide tactical research administration navigational support, for example:
    • using online systems (PeopleSoft (Researcher Home Page), eTRAC, sponsor online systems)
    • help with setting up project accounts, initiating sub-grants, and amendments
    • help with budget development
    • project end-date support
    • liaising with sponsors re: guidelines and file-specific issues on researchers’ behalf
    • troubleshooting and resolving project/system related issues on behalf of researchers
    • file follow up and monitoring of pending approvals; helping researchers meet outstanding requirements (e.g. gathering missing documentation)
    • developing and delivering research administration-related training
    • working in support of Faculty Research teams
  • Serving as the go-to person when researchers don’t know where to go


Determining what kind of support you need is the first step in solving your query and connecting you to the right person:

  • For help with finding funding and/or working on a grant application, reach out to a Research Partner
  • For help with administrative aspects of applying for and managing your research funds, reach out to a Research Administration Specialist


  • Julie Stephens, Director
  • Kelly Maher, Senior Research Partner, College of Natural and Applied Sciences
  • Mark Taylor, Senior Research Partner, College of Health Sciences
  • Heather Young-Leslie, Senior Research Partner, College of Social Sciences and Humanities
  • TBD, Senior Research Partner, Independent faculties (Augustana, Campus Saint-Jean, Native Studies)
  • Terra Garneau, Research Partner, Special Projects and Process Redesign


  • Angela McCormick, Manager, Research Administration Support Services
  • The team of Research Administration Specialists can be reached by email at
  • This email address is monitored closely by our team and your query will be responded to quickly by the appropriate Specialist. The Research Administration Specialists are assigned by College/Stand-Alone Faculties and will collectively support the researchers and administrators in the relevant departments/faculties.
Research Administration Specialists
College of Health Sciences College of Natural & Applied Sciences College of Social Sciences & Humanities/Standalone Faculties

Research Partner Directory

  • To connect with the Research Partner designated for your Faculty and/or who is most closely aligned with your own research goals/interests, please see the following tables:

College of Health Sciences: Research Partners

College of Health Sciences: Research Partners
College of Health Sciences Grant Development Area of Specialization  Competition Portfolio 
(all faculties, all campuses)
Research Partner to contact
  • Medicine & Dentistry (Biochemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Cell Biology, Medical Genetics, Medical Microbiology and Immunology, Pharmacology, and Physiology)
  • Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Health Gareth Corry, Research Partner 
  • Medicine & Dentistry (Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, Dentistry & Dental Hygiene, Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Laboratory Medicine & Pathology, Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Oncology, Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging, and Surgery)
  • Rehabilitation Medicine
Clinical Research Robin Love, Research Partner
  • Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation
  • School of Public Health
Community-Engaged Research (Health) Lan Chan-Marples, Research Partner
  • Nursing
Nursing Research Margaret (Lindsay) Komar, Research Partner
  • Foundations
Feiyue Akishyn, Research Partner

College of Natural & Applied Sciences: Research Partners

College of Natural & Applied Sciences: Research Partners
College of Natural & Applied Sciences Grant Development Area of Specialization 

Competition Portfolio 
(all faculties, all campuses)

Research Partner to contact
  • Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences
Industry and Applied Partnerships with an agriculture, food, forestry and bioresource focus
  • Genome Alberta/Canada
  • Alberta Innovates Agri-Food programs
  • Agriculture Funding Consortium Results Driven Agriculture Research
  • National Research Council
  • Environment and Climate Change Canada
Chris Kazala, Research Partner
  • Engineering
Industry and Applied Partnerships  

(NS&E programs that require an industry partner and/or formal match for funding)
  • NSERC Alliance
  • NSERC Idea to Innovation
  • MITACS Accelerate 
  • Natural Resources Canada 
  • Alberta Innovates Clean Resources Emerging Technologies & CASBE

(contact Kelly Maher, Senior Research Partner)


  • Science
International and NS&E research (matching not required)
  • Horizon Europe
  • NSERC Alliance International
  • NRFR Horizon Global
  • National Institute MITACS Global Link
  • NSERC Discovery
Grant Kemp, Research Partner

College of Social Sciences & Humanities: Research Partners

College of Social Sciences & Humanities: Research Partners
College of Social Sciences & Humanities Grant Development Area of Specialization 

Competition Portfolio 
(all faculties, all campuses)

Research Partner to contact
  • Arts
    (Anthropology, East Asian Studies, Economics, History, Classics, & Religion, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Women's and Gender Studies)
  • Education
Humanities & Social Science Research (Major competitions)
  • SSHRC Insight
  • IDRC 
  • SSHRC PG, Stage 1 and 2
Craig Taylor, Research Partner
  • Business
  • Law
  • Linguistics, MLCS et recherches en français
Business and Legal Research; Recherches en français
  • SSHRC Insight Development
  • Ab Law Fndn
Sylvia Ijeoma Madueke, Research Partner
  • Departments of Art & Design, Digital Humanities, Drama, English & Film Studies, Music, Media & Technology Studies
Creative and Community-Engaged Research 

(Including Research-Creation)
  • SSHRC Connection 
  • British Museum
  • Canada Council
  • Ab Fndn Arts
Ayantika Mukherjee, Research Partner

Independent Faculties: Research Partners

Stand-alone Faculties: Research Partners
Independent Faculties Grant Development Area of Specialization Competition Portfolio 
(all faculties, all campuses)
  • Native Studies
  • Augustana
  • Campus Saint-Jean

Position currently being recruited: Senior Research Partner 

Contact: Julie Stephens, Director, Research Partner Network

*If you have suggestions for additional support and/or resources that would be helpful in applying for research funding please let your Research Partner/Senior Research Partner know.