Strategic Plans, Report and Policies for Research and Innovation

The University of Alberta has been advancing knowledge and shaping the future through research, teaching and innovation for more than 100 years. Research and innovation are at the core of what we do. It is who we are. Our research has in turn driven many world firsts, helped improve life at home and around the world, educated and trained talented people, and contributed to numerous societal, economic, health and environmental advancements.

Institutional Strategic Plan for Research and Innovation

Drafted in 2022, the institutional goals articulated in the Strategic Plan for Research and Innovation (SPRI) strive to build upon the University of Alberta’s unique identity in research and innovation, championing the significant social, economic and environmental benefits that flow from such work. Wider consultation is now needed to refine this draft SPRI and to ensure that the U of A community sees itself reflected in the goals and aspirations outlined in the plan. 

2020 Innovation Report

While innovation is core to our research and education mandate, it has become a top priority for many of our stakeholders including government, funders, students, next-generation researchers, the public and many of our partners.

To better harness the university's intellectual powers and transform our research-driven ideas and discoveries into social and economic impacts, the Vice‐President (Research and Innovation) struck a task force to examine the university's broad innovation ecosystem.

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Institutional Research Data Management Strategy

The overarching purpose of the University of Alberta’s Institutional Research Data Management (RDM) Strategy is twofold: 

  1. To develop and nurture a culture that recognizes RDM as being an essential component of the research processes and academic lifecycles; 
  2. To identify, develop, and evolve cross-institution supports and services that can be leveraged by researchers in implementing responsible and effective RDM practices into their research activities. 

The Tri-Agency Research Data Management policy requires all institutions that administer Tri-Agency funds to develop and release a public-facing research data management (RDM) strategy. The University of Alberta’s Institutional RDM Strategy is not a policy but a strategic roadmap to advance RDM-related activities across the institution. The first version of this strategy was released May 4, 2023.

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CFI/CRC/CERC Strategic Research Plan

A strategic plan prepared for our funding partners that outlines the university’s commitment to research excellence and the principles and objectives related to the research conducted at the University of Alberta.

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Policies and procedures

The University of Alberta research community is guided by these policies and procedures: