Research Computing

Customized for You and Your Data

In all fields of research, researchers across our university are working on amazing discoveries, and digital research techniques can be crucial in delivering results.

IST’s Research Computing group collaborates with partners across Canada to deliver access to and support for the Digital Research Alliance of Canada’s (the Alliance) digital research infrastructure and research solutions across Canada at no cost to your research.

Research Computing offers:

  • Access to advanced research computing clusters and clouds
  • Training on effective and efficient use of advanced research computing resources
  • Support for your adoption and use of digital research systems and techniques
  • Assistance with digital aspects of grant proposals
  • Networking among researchers who can help each learn and solve problems
  • Consultation on your research needs and how Research Computing can support

If you are unsure if we have the solution you need, connect with us for a consultation! IST's Research Computing group is here to help you conduct digital research and get the most out of the systems and services provided by the Alliance.

Your Research Computing Group

IST’s Research Computing group delivers support for your use of national digital research infrastructure, training to maximize your digital research productivity, guidance on digital research elements of grant proposals, and online communities around digital research fields, tools, and techniques.

Our team is your support integration to both the expertise held within IST and to larger groups of research computing experts across Canada. With so much expertise to draw on, moving your research forward just became a whole lot easier!

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Services Provided by the Alliance

The Digital Research Alliance of Canada provides researchers with free storage, computing power, cloud accounts, and the support to make effective use of these resources. All you need to get started is an Alliance account.

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Grant Advisement for Digital Research

Looking to write your next grant proposal, but unsure how to incorporate digital research techniques and systems in that proposal?

We offer consultations and information on what is already available to you, your group, and collaborators, and how to include digital research language in your proposals to make your strongest possible case.

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Communities of Interest for Research

Thousands of researchers at the University of Alberta work every day to expand the world’s knowledge. Find your community around digital research tools or research fields based on digital research techniques here at the University.

University of Alberta Research Computing Network

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Jupyter for Research

The University of Alberta has teamed up with the Pacific Institute for Mathematics Sciences (PIMS) and the Alliance to bring researchers easy access to Jupyter via Support offered via email at

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