Sharing & Permissions


Permissions in Google

Multiple sharing options exist for Google Drive files depending on the level of access you wish to grant others. From comment, view, or edit choose what works for you and your team.

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Access Restrictions in Courses

In some cases, instructors may wish to place access restrictions limiting students’ access to a particular resource, activity or topic based on a number of different criteria.

  • Restrict Access to Content  eClass
    Restrict student access to certain content based on criteria including grade range, previous activity, user information and more.
  • Using Restriction Sets  eClass
    Restriction sets can conditionally release items within eClass courses based upon the completion of another course item.

Additional Users in Courses

As an instructor, you have the ability to add colleagues into your course in a variety of different roles to help you deliver, mark or design course materials.

  • Adding Additional Users  eClass
    Add colleagues into your course in a variety of different roles including Designer, TA, Auditor and more!
  • eClass Roles  eClass
    Explore the range of eClass roles available that allow different users different sets of capabilities in courses.