Track Student Progress


Course Participants

Organize, add, and manage course participants to meet your specific class needs.

  • Class Roster
    Access, filter, modify and even enroll participants while viewing the class roster which shows students, instructors, TAs, and designers.
  • Adding Additional Users  eClass
    Add colleagues into your course in a variety of different roles including Designer, TA, Auditor and more!
  • Managing Users  eClass
    Enroll and manage course users to customize your teaching experience including allowing guest access, enabling self-enrollment and more.

Activity Completion

Whether you’re a student or instructor we all like to check off our to-do list. In eClass, instructors can set up a feature that allows students to track the completion of course items either manually or based on conditions set by the instructor.

  • Enabling Activity Completion Tracking  eClass
    Discover how to set up activity completion in your courses so that students can track their fulfillment of tasks as the course progresses.


As the grade tool in eClass, Gradebook allows you to manage and organize a collection of grades for your courses. Items that have been assessed using an eClass activity will be added to Gradebook automatically.

  • Gradebook Setup  eClass
    Learn how to set up Gradebook to suit your preferences. From setting letter grade boundaries, to using custom scales and calculating course totals, we’ll guide you through the process.
  • Gradebook Display  eClass
    Gradebook features a variety of display and formatting options for students to view their grades. Control visibility, toggle between display options and more.
  • Importing Grades  eClass
    If your students have completed an offline activity, it’s possible to import their grades into eClass for publishing. Learn more here.
  • Exporting Grades  eClass
    Learn how to use eClass to prepare a spreadsheet that can be imported directly into Bear Tracks.

Course Reports

With eClass it’s possible to generate course reports that provide a complete record of user activity which is helpful for evaluation purposes or tracking participants’ course activities and access.

  • Course Reports  eClass
    A variety of different reports exist to help you get just what you need. From analytics to live logs, learn how to run the report you need.
  • Course Analytics  eClass
    Generate visual reports that analyze student activity in your course to see patterns, engagement and performance.