Teaching Toolkit

At IST we know that teaching and assessment methods across our University are diverse, and a complex, personal endeavour for each instructor. For the most part, this endeavor follows a relatively consistent set of activities; course planning, design, and preparation; delivery of content and instructional activities; application of assessments, and feedback on the course and the instructor; along with management activities throughout the lifecycle of the course. In each of these activities, technology plays a crucial and enabling role. Our goal is to provide instructors with a set of centrally supported tools, services and resources that help support and transform teaching, learning, and assessment at the University of Alberta. Take a look and explore the digital tools and services we offer to help you with your teaching and assessment!

Course Creation and Delivery

Create, share and curate course materials. Learn about eClass, the University of Alberta’s centrally supported learning management system available for all faculty and staff. As an instructor, eClass allows you to organize your course materials and deliver interactive learning materials to your students.

Course Management

As an eClass instructor, manage and administer your course(s) in a variety of ways to provide the best possible teaching & learning experience. Find your class roster, add to and oversee additional course users to efficiently maintain and operate your course(s).

Grading and Assessment

A critical piece in the teaching and learning lifecycle, discover all the tools and services available when it comes to grading and assessing student work. From summative and  formative assessments, to group work, learn how to deliver and assess exams all while ensuring we promote exam integrity and security.

Communicate and Engage

Make teaching and learning more interactive and engaging by taking advantage of the wide range of communication tools and features that eClass has to offer. From discussion forums to active learning strategies and gamification add-ons, communication techniques are the way to elevate your course.

Instructional Spaces

Spaces you require to teach, study, learn and grow. From booking lab and classroom space, to renting equipment, setting up a video conference or exploring software titles, we have you covered. Discover everything you need to make sure your work is captured, connected and seamless.