Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a service to provide better information security for university corporate devices (smartphones and tablets). The application, called Intelligent Hub, will enhance security by ensuring a six-digit pin (passcode, password or pattern) is used and enables file and email encryption on mobile devices.

MDM Self Service Portal

Why is the University implementing MDM?

On an ongoing basis, the university experiences a high number of lost or stolen unencrypted mobile devices.These breaches:

  • Require the university to notify the Provincial Privacy Commissioner
  • Subject the university to a high reputation and regulatory risks
  • Require notifications be sent to many individuals potentially at risk (whose information was stored on the lost or stolen device)
  • Take significant time and resources to manage

An MDM tool also aligns with the university’s Information Technology Use and Management Policy and Encryption Procedure.

Which devices are impacted?
The MDM application is required for university corporate paid phones/devices with a SIM card on corporate invoices (TELUS Mobility phones: pay-per-use plan, Bell Mobility phones: pay-per-use plan or existing contracted Rogers Communications phones).
How will MDM help?
If you lose your university corporate cell phone, contact the Staff Service Centre to delete any work related, student or employee information from your phone, thus reducing the risk of a privacy or security breach. To update your phone’s pin or locate your lost phone, visit the MDM self service portal.
Technical Details
  1. During iPhone enrolment the following default message appears: "The administrator may collect personal data, add/remove accounts and restrictions, list, install, and manage apps, and remotely erase data on your iPhone."

    This statement is created by Apple and is not part of the AirWatch application. The MDM software monitors the overall security and health status of the device.The information available to the AirWatch service is: device, status, Internet Protocol (IP) address, carrier and basic owner identifiers (device ID, serial number, operating system version, enrollment date, carrier, asset number, battery life percentage, etc.)

  2. A small percentage (less than 1%) of users have experienced slower device performance. If you have experienced this, please contact the Staff Service Centre. This may require reinstalling the application, or restarting the device.
More Information
For more information about how to enrol in the AirWatch application, or to view frequently asked questions, visit the MDM Google site.

For questions about completing the AirWatch installation, contact the Staff Service Centre. Alternatively, if you have questions about this initiative, please contact the office of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at




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