Promote Integrity


Quiz Security

Security features for online exams are important to ensure quiz integrity. eClass offers a range of features that provide varying levels of security for different needs.

  • Basic Quiz Security Options  eClass
    Learn how to apply basic security features including honesty checks, randomization and limiting access.
  • Academic Integrity  UAlberta
    Learn about assessment policies, preventing misconduct, plagiarism, the code of student behaviour and more at the University of Alberta.


As a quiz integrity application, ExamLock is UAlberta’s centrally support application that allows instructors to deliver digital eClass exams.

  • ExamLock  eClass
    ExamLock is installed in most University computer labs and can also be installed by students on their own devices.Get started here.

Learning Assessment Centre

The University’s testing centre provides secure digital exam services that are convenient and comfortable for students, as well as friendly and efficient for instructors.