Registrar’s Office Exam Procedure

Final examination schedule space assignment is managed by the Examinations and Timetabling unit within the Office of the Registrar please contact your Department directly if you have any questions.

Computer Lab Bookings

Computer labs are available across campus with essential software you need to make exam delivery easy. Get started with finding the lab that’s right for your class.

  • Computer Lab Bookings  UAlberta
    Visit the Registrar Office’s lab details page to explore lab capacity, hours, hardware and operating systems, and reserve today.

BYOD Online Assessments

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a solution that helps instructors provide digital assessments with limited lab capacity. Learn how to get started with UAlberta’s tools.

  • ExamLock  eClass
    As a quiz integrity application, ExamLock is UAlberta’s centrally support application that allows instructors to deliver digital eClass exams.

Exam Support

We offer pre-exam checks for in- person and online exams. Discover how to engage our team before your next exam.

  • Support for Computer Exams and Testing
    For in-person exams, we provide pre-exam checks, upon request, in which we will verify that all of the computers and equipment is running properly prior to your testing date. This service comes at no additional cost, but be sure to engage us at least 48 business hours in advance of your exam. Learn More.

SEM and Examlock

  • SEM and Examlock Troubleshooting and Tips
    The University of Alberta provides technical support for two online proctoring programs, SEM and Examlock. As is true of all technology, technical issues can occur while using these tools.