Centrally Scheduled Spaces



We provide the space you require to teach, study, learn and grow. Whether you need a computer lab or classroom, learn more about your options and how to book a space.

  • Centrally Scheduled Classrooms   UAlberta
    Book a centrally scheduled classroom space through the Registrar’s Office and select from an abundance of locations, seating sizes and options.
  • Centrally Scheduled Computer Labs  UAlberta
    Book a centrally scheduled computer lab through the Registrar’s Office and select from a range of locations across campus, and number of workstations.
  • Booking Form  UAlberta
    Direct access to the Registrar’s Office room booking requests for computer labs, tables and atriums or general rooms.
  • Registrar’s Office Policies  UAlberta
    Before submitting that request, be sure to review the associated policies and procedures including timelines and processes.


Learn more about using podiums and getting up and running to start your class.

  • Standard Podium Setup
    Follow this visual for a quick reference guide on classroom set up and how to operate the equipment.

Computer Labs

Before booking one of our many computer lab spaces view the lab details page, discover printing options and review policies and costs.

  • Lab Details
    Take a peek into what each lab has to offer by filtering seating range and software requirements.
  • Printing
    Printing from lab computers is easy! All you need is your ONEcard and CCID. Get started here.