Classroom Bookings

Room bookings for centrally scheduled classrooms and computer labs are managed by the Examinations and Timetabling unit (ETT) in the Office of the Registrar.

Academic uses are prioritized. All requests are subject to the discretion of ETT.

Room booking requests are only required for classes, exams, and casual events that fall outside of the regular scheduling process.

How to request a room booking:

  1. Review our policies and procedures below.
  2. View the list of centrally scheduled classrooms and computer labs.
  3. Submit a request using our online form.

Policies and Procedures

Who can book a centrally scheduled room?

University Administrative Contacts

Bookings must be submitted through the designated room-booking contact in your faculty, department, or administrative unit. For more information please review the types of bookings below:

Academic activities

Academic activities include tutorials, seminars, discussion groups, rounds, make-up classes, and term exams. These types of requests are prioritized over casual requests.

Casual meetings and events

The following types of activities are considered Casual (as opposed to Academic):

  • Information sessions and workshops
  • Staff training
  • Faculty/department or administrative unit meetings and events
Registered Student Groups
Your student group must be one approved by Student Group Services in order to be eligible to request a room booking. Only requests from executive officers of the group will be considered. Group information must be showing in BearsDen. Student group bookings must be directly related to the group's business/purpose.

Note to external users and groups:

Room booking requests from external users must be made through Conference Services. This includes off-campus groups, university groups booking for a third party, or university groups booking a conference.

Timelines for submitting requests

Please refer to Astra Homepage for Timeline information.

Booking process

  • Booking confirmations serve as your reservation for a room on the indicated dates/times. We advise that you have a copy of the booking confirmation with you when using a room.
  • Please refrain from advertising your event until you have received the booking confirmation.
  • ETT reserves the right to relocate or cancel casual event bookings.
  • The processing time of booking requests may vary throughout the year.

Booking start and end times

All bookings are scheduled to begin on the hour or half-hour and end ten minutes prior to the hour or half-hour.

The ten minutes between events serves as a transition allowing previous users to reset and vacate the room and new users to enter and setup. Refer to the Campus Building Hours to ensure event times are within building hours.

UAPPOL policies

Our room booking process adheres to the following UAPPOL policies for the assignment of centrally scheduled classrooms:

Additional Booking Resources