Classroom Bookings

Room bookings for centrally scheduled classrooms and computer labs are managed by the Examinations and Timetabling unit (ETT) in the Office of the Registrar.

Academic uses are prioritized. All requests are subject to the discretion of ETT.

Room booking requests are only required for classes, exams, and casual events that fall outside of the regular scheduling process.

For use of any rooms and spaces that are not centrally managed, please contact the faculty, department, or administrative unit directly.


How to request a room booking:


  1. Review our policies and procedures.
  2. View the list of centrally scheduled classrooms and computer labs.
  3. Submit a request using our online form.


Activities that are not permitted

  • Any activity that has the potential to damage the furniture/equipment or create a disturbance to nearby events/classes.
    ie. Exercise, Dancing, Painting, Crafting
  • Student group events must be related to the business of the student group

Food Service is permitted - however, groups having catering or serving food at their event must ensure that all food and catering items are cleared out of the room and properly disposed of at the conclusion of the booking.